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terrace swing

459 pieces
109 solves
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Thanks for enjoying CynthiaDawn !

Another Outstanding Puzzle Flip ... Thanks!!


Thanks for acknowledging my comment. I have another favorite contributor; have posted comments numerous times but I've never heard back. Ill look forward to seeing another puzzle from you. Many thanks.

Thank you Lyris !

I've just seen your comment on the "orange & pink beach houses" puzzle, in fact I can see the comment that you posted when I am on the page "My puzzles" by selecting "Sort by most recent comment", so even if you post a comment on a old puzzle I can see it... :o)

That makes me happy to know that someone is interesting with my older puzzles...
Sometimes I think I can't find interesting pictures as I used to, and sometimes I can't remember if I've already post them before! Actually, I can't check all the pages, 140 at this moment (not counting the puzzles that have been randomly erased when the server was not big enough, now all the puzzles are kept indefinitely).
But when I do look backward I 'm nostalgic of my "flickr" period (the pictures were colorful with varied subject, but unfortunately some have been erased!)

So, thank you and I hope I will keep on finding good pictures... ;o)


I've been involved with jigidi for a couple of years and have worked some of your contributions. I decided to see what else I could find of yours and discovered you're probably one of Jigidi's biggest contributors. I went back to some earlier puzzle favorites and reworked one you'd posted over a hear ago. It was of beach houses. It's been solved nearly 400 times, yet no one has bothered to thank you for taking the time to create it. So I'm thanking you now as you probably won't see the comment I made on that puzzle.