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Theme: Green Living - Ocean Debris Washed Up on Hawaiian Island

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This might be Kahoolawe. No one lives on the island but there are volunteer groups that clean it up. I never knew it was this bad.


Beatlecarol - I will post a puzzle tonight of some none petroleum plastic items - don't know if this is the same material as your melting forks or perhaps something that might work better. June, thanks for the clarification. The debris from the Tsunami is minor compared to the "dump" from everyday trash in the Pacific.


I put this picture up about four years ago, it's not from the tsunami just the usual detritus


I don't know if that junk is from the tsunami, but here in Oregon lots of their stuff is hitting the beaches. By the time it gets here it is all covered in barnacles, mollusks, and dozens of invasive species. It's only just begun and its more than the beach cleanup volunteer groups will be able to handle on their own.
Oregon has the strictest recycle laws and a lot of places use corn-based eating utensils now. Unfortunately, if you touch hot food with them, they curl up into a blob instantly! Hopefully, dissolvable 'plastic' bags are being invented.


Yeah, Texas! I am so glad to hear that! I never think of TX and VT having much in common and I am glad to know we share that. My Senators and our one Representative are all ordinary guys and they do their share to keep things green in VT. You can bet they hear from me! I write to them to let them know my views and also to thank them when it seems appropriate. Wish everyone did that. If American's held their congress peoples' toes to the fire more it might help a little. We DO have the power if only folks realized it. Thanks, Tex!


VM, I have, in fact my team leader is my congressman. He gets out there and picks up trash just like the rest of us! ;)


Cheetah and Texas - Thanks for your comments. Have you shared your views with your congress people? I definitely hope you have or will soon. I will be posting a puzzle later this week of Polylactides (PLA), degradable polymers from renewable resources NOT petroleum. I don't know if this is "the" answer but its a sign that some folks are working on it. Thanks again!


Everytime it storms, my lake looks just like this. I'm in a volunteer group that cleans up the lake, and this stuff washes up from people's yards nearby. It isn't necessarily trash thrown into the lake. So you're right, manufacturers need to make recyclables and folks NEED to recycle!

I wish Congress would pass a law telling plastic manufacturers that you can't make it if it isn't recyclable.


Thanks for your comments. A small part of this may be from the Japanese Tsunami but long before that event there was, and still is, a floating debris dump in the Pacific Ocean LARGER THAN THE STATE OF TEXAS. Even if you live 100s of miles from the ocean, your trash may end up in the ocean. The answer is to use as little plastic as possible and recycle all that you use. Sorry I don't know which Hawaiian island - obviously time and money goes into the tourist locations but many other beaches are like this.


Which island? The Sugar Beach at Maalaea Bay doesn't look like this. Very sad wherever it is.

So?? Let,s get together and CLEAN IT UP!!


I wonder how much is fron the tsunami that hit Japan.
Heard there's lots of debri from then.


This is so sad.