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TILE 1403 (also available as 25 piece, see notes under main puzzle for link)

81 pieces
76 solves
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A 25 piece version of this puzzle (larger pieces) is available on . . .

These kaleidos are created by me using images which are freely available on several internet sites. After I have manipulated a section of the image I add texture, depth and colour changes. The software used is predominantly CorelDraw but I do use several other programmes including Kaleider and Liquib.

I hope you have as much fun solving these puzzles as I had creating them . . . :D)


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Thanks, Su. VIcks is my constant companion. I have ti almost everywhere in the house including right by the computer!! But I'm not sure about rubbing it on the feet. LOL The tea would really hit the spot. And the hugs feel SO good. Thank you. Had a good night and think I'm on the mend but will stay in today and keep warm.


Hi Sue! Remember me?? LOL I haven't been round to see you for a while. :-( What with being away in Morocco, having the lurgy, starting decorating and spring cleaning (Yuk!), visiting my cousin in Yorkshire to help her prep for moving house, and putting poor Freddy through the "unkindest cut" operation ....Get the picture? :-) I've just sneaked in for a morning treat on jigidi while BB is winging his way to Innsbruck with a full load of skiiers. Hope you're keeping warm & well up there. It's cold enough for snow and we're due a few flurries but hopefully nothing lasting. Ah well, there's nothing else for it, I'd better don my painting gear and get a move on! Hugs from "t' south".


Thank you Ardy . . . I thought I heard something coming in from the west . . . lol

Oh poor you . . . a nice warm drink of lemon and honey and a flask of home made chicken soup virtually winging it's way to you with some (((HUGS))) for good measure. Now snuggle down under the duvet and relax. I have a friend in Oz who swears that rubbing Vick on her feet (???) worked wonders . . . lol ( not sure whether you have it there . . . it's a vapour rub to relieve a blocked nose and is normally rubbed on the chest) Look after yourself and I hope you are feeling better tomorrow . . . :D)


Good evening, Su. I hope my little "Yea" at 1400 wasn't too disturbing. I know I'm supposed to wait to celebrate for another 25 postings. Favorites tonight are here and 1401. Lovely set though. Thanks for the 25 here. I've managed to catch a cold so have not gone anyway yesterday or today except for a quick trip to the grocery store. The refrig was really bare and the cupboard wasn't much better. Thank you for the fun here today. Have a great night. (((HUGS)))