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Pinknblack Petal Perfection

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Silk flowers make great bridal keepsakes.


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Hi, Gary, so nice to meet Monica's husband. Fourteen years is a wonderful foundation. I am enjoying chatting with your wife, we have many likes in common.
Monica, how lucky you are to still have yours. That is so neat. I don't have our bridal bouquet, but I have the corsage from our first date, back in 1965, I was only 12, almost 13 at the time. It was an orchid and a gold, paper doilie. Funny, the things we treasure and that mean so much to us.s


Hi there pinknblack! These are very beautiful silk flowers! Like Gary said, mine are well protected! Someone once told me many years ago that it's considered good luck to hold onto your bridal bouquet! So far so good!


My wife Monica, still has hers from 14 years ago! She keeps it in a plastic bag to keep it safe. These are very pretty!


Thanks, gnt, much appreciated!


very good set pb