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Mellow Yellow! (small)

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It's Yellow theme week!


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Judy, you are so funny! I only hopped on the yellow bandwagon because so many others had and I thought - Sunshine?, why not! Ok, I will settle for Vice President (they seem to have the least amount of work to do....LOL)

I am in Portland Oregon, land of the grey skies and rain. It's raining right this minute, but that's no surprise. We get very little snow. And when we do, stay off the roads. There is no equipment to deal with it and the drivers have no clue!


Jan, I do live in New Mexico, and I'm guessing you're thinking desert climate and warm weather. Not now! Just got over a snow storm, albeit atypical but does happen, and it's still very cold. Nowhere near Atlanta and the early Spring, to my temporary regret. Don't like the humidity there, but I don't like the hot and very hot here. There's always a trade off. How about you?

I want to be treasurer of the YFC too! We have a quandry. Plus, I've never posted a yellow puzzle, making you infinitely more qualified to be president. Please?


Wonderful puzzle Jan! How come I'm always so far behind everybody else????


Thanks, Gail! I thought the "dead waking puzzle" was the Neon Suns! But, we need a little sunshine, right this very minute!


That's enough to wake the dead, Jan! Super duper puzzle.


Katie - "We will, we will .... Rock You!" OFC RULES!! LOL

TG - Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed this.

Jim - How could anyone NOT love it. Although, this year seems to have been a lot slower. It's still faster than anyone else's!


Ducks are my favorite team to watch. love Kelly's speed offense.


Nice one to end my day jiggy. Thanks :)


One for all and all for one...OFC!


Ank - Some of us call those "ear worms." I usually wake up with one of those already playing from songs I heard the day before! I am so glad you liked it!!

Katie - It was so hard to find yellows without either orange or green, so I said, What the Heck, why not. Members of the OFC have to stand together! Thanks so much!


Jim - Brag, Brag, Brag! (LOL) I'm looking out at another grey day. Yellow would be wonderful to see. Now that the Ducks games are over, there won't even be THOSE sweatshirts to relieve the grey. :(
You do know I'm teasing, I'm sure. Thanks so much, Jim!

Judy - Thanks so much. Sue1 chose a perfect theme for these dull days! A YFC SHOULD be started! You sound like a good candidate for President! :D I'll be Treasurer! Judy, where do you live. I am not making assumptions from your profile name......


Hi Jan, this is a perfect fit for this week's theme! And of course I love all the orange that made it's way in too!


They call me yellow mellow, Jan what do you do to me. Now it's in my head. But a nice song and a beautiful puzzle. 2:43 Pity


Jan, this was such a wonderful, sunny picture. Right now, I wish I lived in Atlanta, too, and could see beautiful flowers such as these springing forth from the ground. These are a wonderful reminder that eventually the rest of us will see flowers growing. Great kaleidos with such lovely coordinating of lovely color. Are you starting the YFC?


All those bright yellow colors leads me to believe you're thinking of spring this morning. That's not a bad thought. In the Atlanta area Flowers start blooming around end of January so only have about 23 more days. Pretty set Jan.


Thanks so much, JC, Ardy and Pat. I've already got CCR in MY head from her "Back Door" puzzle, so I am immune to this one.
I'm glad you all liked this one! Thanks so much!


Cool--another song to go ricocheting around my brain all day...! LOL! These really are bright and cheery and warm--thanks, Jan!


I thought this would be a lot harder than it is. I may be back later for a bigger one. Thanks, Jan. Since they are all "lellow" I couldn't choose a favorite now could I?


Looks like a Mexican fiesta, Jan! OLE!