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Hey there Adrianna, so good to hear from you, I'm really happy that you liked our 'young love' stories! I'll see you soon when I get to your puzzles, have a wonderful day my good friend! :-DDD


Ann & Monica I say thanks for your lovely love story,s I really Apprecate you share this.
Have a nice sunday en big hugs for Ann & Monica


Hello there Mamacita' R.O.F.L.M.A.O. Hahahahahaha! You are so very funny my friend, you always know just how to make me laugh til my ribs ach! Unfortunately it was quite the oppesite with me, I broke my first love's heart! It wasn't that I wanted to, but my parents had just come up to me and broke the very bad news to me when I was only 5 years of age, 'we were moving far away" and I knew I'd never see him again! The very next day at kindergarten I told him and he said that we didn't have to break up, that he would just move away with us and that way we could be together forever and when we grew up we could get married! L.O.L. Now, keep in mind we were both only 5 years of age sitting there next to each other on the swings in the playground, so when I told him that that could never happen and then I took off the little DIAMOND ring 'wink, wink' that he had given me, I kid you not, he had actually given me a ring and said that it meant we were going steady with each other! L.O.L. I tried to give it back to him but he wouldn't take it back, he made me chase him all over the playground and into the little boys restroom to give it to him! Of coarse I couldn't go into the boy's restroom so I ended up tossing the tiny ring in after him and then preceded to run all the way home in tears after! :((( Saddest day of my life! :((( Well the very next day we moved from Calif. all the way to Georgia and I never saw my first love again! 'sniff, sniff'
I still can't believe your first love broke your heart like that, after everything you did for him, I mean cooking is not an easy job you know! It takes special talents to make all of those wonderful meals, and such healthy meals to boot! L.O.L. The ungrateful cad, well it was his loss let me tell you! Hee, hee! Men just don't appreciate a good woman! Young and old alike! Well, I guess I'd better get back to putting puzzles together as I'm falling wayyyyy behind again!...Hugs Mamacita'


This brings back the memory of my first love, too. And he broke my little heart when he said he wasn't going to marry me when we grew up! And that was after all those great meals I had made for him, too: luscious mud pies & cakes, berries in soupy mud, & veggies and salads of all kinds of pretty leaves---all served on pieces of bamboo & tree bark, or lovely flat rocks! The ungrateful cad! Certainly he could tell what a great cook I would be! I was about 5 years old, too..............


Ank- So happy that I could give you a smile my friend! Have a wonderful weekend!...Hugs

Gene- I'm really glad you liked this pic, I was all of 5 years of age when I had my first love! L.O.L. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, have a great weekend!

Adrianna- I couldn't agree with you more, hugs x right back atcha my dear sweet friend! My you have a lovely, lovely weekend!


We al need it young and old(er) hugs x for al your postings


Fantastic post Monica and it is so right !!!! thanks for sharing with us :))))


This gives a smile.