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I cannot get doodling out of my head. I cannot begin to adapt everything to my draw program, but there are still plenty of designs wanting to see the light of day. I need a much longer day, and instead Daylight Savings Time is comin' to steal an hour. Oh dear. Help??? I hope everyone is smiling!


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This was fun, Judy. Your doodles are lovely.


Gail, I wish I could translate, but I must take the time to learn more of the harder skills on the draw program first. Still, like I said in other comments, there are many more ideas to be found with my skills so far. All will be well. Hope that is true at your domicile. Thanks for the kind comment!
p.s. This comment is out of order, because after I posted it, I found a horrible typo, had to remove and replace, moving it to the top. Could have just said, "I saved the best for last." :-))


Edie, wow, that was a very kind remark you left, and I'm so very glad you like my work so much. I wouldn't call it doodling either, but once I discovered how much serious doodlers put into their creations, I've come to respect the art form. This doesn't hold a candle to their work, but the inspiration came from them, so that's why I named it such. I know that ideas can come from the weirdest places--even joked that my tissue box had possibilities. So there you have it. I do appreciate your input, so thank you so much and hope to chat again before long!


Kirsten, thank you and thank you again. I 'm not sure when I'll be able to design a new puzzle, but I feel the desire just from these nice remarks. I surely do appreciate hearing from you and hope you survive your DST change when it comes. I don't mind it in the evenings; I just don't like getting up an hour earlier. Glad you're smiling. :-))


I had this bookmarked and just found it again. In my world this is not doodling. This is drawing or art. I couldn't draw anything freehand if my life depended on it. This is so lovely and the way you've arranged everything so artistically on the page with the colours changing from yellows to mauves. So glad I came back for this one. Thanks Judy


I'm not sure what "doodling" is, beyond the squiggles I draw on the shopping list when I'm on the phone. LOL But I like whatever you turn out, Judy. So I'll take whatever you give us. It always makes me smile. :)))

And I LOVE DST!! I would much rather have longer daylight hours, then dark daylight hours. We'll be giving ours up in around a month, and I ain't lookin' forward to it. :(


I think whatever comes into your head you should commit to pen and paper, er, mouse and monitor... These are great, Judy.


Rosie, it's good to know your name. Thanks so much for the compliment. I can't believe I was actually on the verge of scoffing at serious doodlers, but now that I've watched some tutorials, I think it's a wonderful art form. I can't begin to translate it all to a draw program yet, but it's fun to look at what I do know in brand new ways. I'm glad you like it, and I hope to see you again. I think I left another comment on an earlier puzzle that I'm not sure you got. It's fun chatting with you. Continue to enjoy all the wonderful artists here.


Lots and lots of fun. Like the muted colors and different designs you're coming up with. Thanks for the fun. Rosie


Babchi, thanks so much for leaving a comment. It is so nice to meet you, and I hope to see you again.


Mandy, I guess the dreaded day comes a little later, but sorry it has to come at all. I'm so glad you like my doodles; I redid about half of this one until I liked it. I think it's because I don't know my draw program well enough to draw the neat designs that are easy on paper. In the meantime, I'll do what I can which still leaves many opportunities. It's fun, so thanks for the comment and keep that beautiful smile on all day!


really nice -thanks !


Morning Judy - no daylight saving here.... yet!! We get it at the end of March. Your doodles are great fun, and I love the soft and muted shades of pink and purple you've used. I'm smiling too :~)))))))))


I lived in Phoenix, but that place is absolutely huge, and I don't know anyone there anymore. I think I'll stay where I am. I'm glad you like the doodles, and I'll try to keep them from escaping my brain! not such an easy task these days. I'm glad you're both smiling, as am I. Let's not forget--that's a great way to lift up many spirits, not just our own. Thanks for giving me a boost!


How about moving to Arizona? No daylight saving time there :-)

Excellent doodles, my dear friend! I hope you don't get them out of your head just yet... they are a delight to solve.

We're smiling :-)