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....modern times have to keep up....☺


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Tisketsmum, mum said "selfie" ....I thought she meant a treat or something....hence the look on my face!!!☺☺☺

Well Lynetteoz....if I can get my hands on that camera again....who knows!:))

Hi catslave thanks.....mum told I needed Botox to get duck I think I'll give it a miss!☺☺☺☺


Goofie, no, no duck face please! No pouting for the camera, you're handsome without it!! ☺


Fitting into this modern world is very important Goofie!! So more selfies will now be expected :-)


Goofie you do look rather serious; was it difficult doing a selfie?
I'm not allowed near mum's cameras as she says I'll leave hairs all over the lenses, and I say yes, so what's wrong with that.
Love Tisket xx


Thanks Mrs soo♥.....I need to practise a bit longer before I can teach how to do Selfies to the other kitties.....but before anything I need to practise on my "duck face" look.....☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


Oh Goofie you are so clever, but you do know you may have to teach all the other kitties how to do selfies ☺ Love your ear tufts sweetie ♥♥


Catslave.. to tell you the truth I don't know....I just wanted to fit in in this modern world...☺☺☺

LOL roseheather : )

Hi petsmom, thanks!

Good to see Goofie again. He's so cute. Love the selfie!


Oh, my! A kitty of so many talents! I have to catch my breath. : )


Goofie, aren't you supposed to do a 'duck face' for a selfie?! ☺☺☺