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Parrots, penguins, pandas, pigs & puppies...

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With a supporting cast of patterns :-)
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[ Doofus! :-))) ]


Penguins!! Penguin power!


Ah, precious punkie, you perfectly parried (with proper pronunciation too!) the plethora of puns performing their best from the punniest pundits in the puzzling world! I'm properly proud of you, pal! :-)))


Practically puzzled by Patti's perils of prolonged pieces of prose.
(that's all I have!)


Aah, the perils of arriving later at the p-p-party! All the easy puns are done :-))

I imagine you would have delivered some pearlers, Patti :-)))

Thanks, buddy!


As I solved this, I knew how I would comment -- till I read all the similar comments below! :) :) :)
Thanks Chrissie!


Can't say that I had, Ardy but I can see what you mean. I think it is an illusion - an unintended trompe l'loeil effect caused by the diagonal lines and colours used in that area. Most interesting and well spotted you :-)


Chrissie, have you noticed how it looks like there is a spot light on the upper right part of this when looking at the preview size? Interesting.


Thanks, Ardy and thank you Francine!

Somehow I knew you two rascals would come up with an assortment of P words - you did not disappoint :-)


Pretty and prodigious display. Thanks, Chrissie. :)


Plaids, patterns and pets. What could be better. Thanks, Chrissie. Perfect puzzle.


Oh, very good! I'll pay that one! (No royalties however LOL)
Thanks, Kirsten :-))


It's a penagerie! Err, menagerie! Whatever it's called - it was fun to solve. Thanks Chrissie! (❛ᴗ❛)


Oops, we may have created a "P" monster! Perhaps we will have a plethora of perfect alliteration :-)

Thanks, Shirley - well spotted on our joy girl, mate!

Thanks, pixidi. Apparently we have all caught the P rhyming :-))


Plentiful praise for this patchy, pink and purple pet puzzle.


Perfect, pretty patterned puzzle, so many cuties, and speaking of cuties, Our sweet little Sally is dancing up a storm in the corner, great puzzle, Chrissie, Thank you.

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