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Growly reassesses his employment prospects

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Having been informed that Santa's elves do the job for love and not financial benefit, Growly considers seeking employment as a stripogram. Look away, Martha!!


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Holy cow!! So that's where he disappeared to in London fashion week! LOL


LOL . . . about time the little chap found gainful employment even if it is seasonal . . . more pocket money to spend on the drinks at New Year . . . good on yer buddy . . . :D)
Mind you, I do remember his last foray into working . . . fashion designer if memory serves me correct. Have the rest of his family forgiven him yet?


Hiya Wendy! Good to see you! :-) Thanks, ( blushing!) when I finish trimming this year's alternative tree I'll show Growly in pole position!

Katie, so nice to see you here! :-)) Freddy has also been helping me make my cards...OMG, the sight of him with sprinkles and paper cut offs stuck to his beard when he comes to give you a big kiss..priceless!


That's funny Hester...I thought of it because my cat, Grace, always "helps" me wrap gifts! She's VERY good at holding down the sitting right in the middle.


Hester, you and Growly are such a treat. I checked out all four of your new Growly puzzles and comments and I've got to say that you two are the cutest couple. Well, I better include Freddy cutest trio. :-)


Now there's a thought, Katie! He's already done his apprenticeship "helping" me wrap my gifts! :-)


Send him over to the gift wrap department!


Ardy, thanks for clearing that up for me! I just thought my mother thought I might grow into them! LOL

Jan, you've got him nailed! :-DD


Knowing growly as I do, I believe that the elf strippogram is more up his alley. He has never been known for his altruism. I believe it was caused by the acquaintance of a certain Frog!

Great puzzle, Hester!!


Hester, You are adorable!! I remember snow suits like you are wearing. I remember tucking dresses inside the pants and feeling so bulky. Is that a big brother with you?


We certainly do, Ardy, and here's a photo from my archives to prove it. :-)

Ahem, which morals would those be?? LOL


Do you have Santa's at the shopping areas or big stores like we have in the US? If so, maybe you could hire out there. You look so cute, Growly. You don't want to do anything to compromise your morals, do you?


Having been informed that Santa's elves do the job for love and not financial benefit, Growly considers seeking employment as an elf strippogram. Look away Martha!!