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For Tigress

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Beginning with the maroon iris just above center the design starts the repeat.


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Thanks, Nicky. Others have encouraged me to use it too. Am I'm not getting any younger. Time to get it in use.


Absolutely stunning, Ardy. You really must have it on display on the table - as you say, you cold put a plastic cloth over it when you use the table, and use table mats. Having said that, I don't have any of mine on display - they are mostly cushion cover fronts and are rolled up with lots of others in the bottom of my bag at the bottom of my wardrobe as I'm not good at having them made up. But it reminds me of the Christmas table cloth i did years ago which I use every Christmas - I must get some pics of it and post it. Your Irises are beautiful, though, and such intricate work, as usual. I really enjoyed doing the puzzles of them.


So glad you could enjoy it. Thanks, Pat.


Another beauty......


Thanks Hanne. I do love it.


I see it - it must have been overwhelming sometimes!! But you did it, Ardy!! It's fantastic!!


Thank you, Laurajane. You are a fast solver. You are on or near the top of the leader board all the time. Have a great Monday.


How beautiful, Ardy. Love it. It reminds me of years ago.


Hanne, I wish I had kept a log of how long it took to make the ones I did. I know this was over a year. I have vague memories of working on it in winter and putting it away in summer. It is so big that having it in your lap is like a blanket - too hot for summer. I also remember thinking I'd never get it finished and doing other things in between sessions of iris. As you know it's always a good part of the delight of doing these that you watch the plain material grow into something lovely. Thank you for your lovely comment and you are very welcome.


What a job it has been but to see it grow under your hands must have been quite extraordinarily joyful!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Thanks, Catherine. The designer is the talented one. I just follow the pattern. I'm delighted that you had time to stop by. Thank YOU.


Ardy, this is a fabulous embroidery.... you are very talented.....


Jan, So glad you had time to come over and see the iris tablecloth. This is probably my favorite piece and I did it for me. I think just about everything else was done for someone else. I'm thinking I should put it out on the dining room table and use it. I have a clear plastic one to put over it and would use place mats. But there's nothing to save it for and I'm not getting any younger. Thank you. I'm delighted you enjoyed it.


Thanks Kirsten. From her catalogs I had been spelling her name Waever but Hanne does it Weaver. I think it's because the ae is written together which makes it different. It seems to be a "letter" in the Danish alphabet I decided to go with Hanne's spelling. There were two main designers in Copenhagen, this one and Eva Rosenstand and from what Hanne tells me they are now combined. I visited both shops when I was there. I was so excited to see so many things not in the catalogs. Hanne used to sew for Eva Rosenstand.

I would have picked up Michelle's puzzle tomorrow probably but I'm really glad you sent me to it today. I had already checked her profile for new postings and hadn't seen any. But I checked too early. Special thanks for alerting me.


Ardy, this is so lovely. I've loved Iris forever! Bearded iris are my favorites and I favor the purples and blues. What a wonderful flower! What a fabulous puzzle. Thank you so much!!


I should have known you would have been on top of Michelle's puzzle. Ardy! And I DID enjoy your Iris' (should that be Iri? LOL) very much. Your lovely embroidery made me look up pics of Clara Weaver embroidery on Google images, and did you know that there is an alternate spelling of her name - Clara Waever?

Also, re copying a puzzle, yes you can. It will only give you a small, low-res image of it though. In the puzzle view, just right click over the image and select the "save picture as" option, and then name it and select a place to save it on your computer. The other option is to save the whole page, which would give you the description and comments too. From the puzzle page, you can save through the file menu and then save as. I think you need to select the Web Archive or Webpage Complete options, you might need to muck about with it to see which one works. You may also need to adjust some of these instructions for your web browser, 'cos I use IE and I think you use Chrome.

Have fun. :)))


Hi Annetta, I'm glad to meet you. I'm Ardy in the USA, Maryland. Here we call this flower, iris, too. What a nice name to give your daughter. Catherine (Contomiani) tells me her mother's name is Iris. From what you said I think you are in the Netherlands. Right? Thank you for visiting my profile and for taking the time to comment. Hope you'll want to come again.


Thanks, Kirsten. I had checked her profile this morning but apparently before she had posted and I hadn't been back yet. I do have her in my favorites. That's a fantastic puzzle. Is there a way to copy it? Enjoy your breakfast. Enjoy the iris.


Very nice embrodery, nice flowers and my daughters name is IRIS, the name of this flowers in
the Netherlands.


Hi Ardy, I've bookmarked this for now, and look forward to doing it after I've had some breakfast! I've been up for 1 1/2 hours, and all I've managed to do is reply to comments at my place, and look at what's been posted since I was here last, and bookmark! While I was looking at the latest though, I noticed this.

You may have already seen it, but if not, I thought you would appreciate knowing about it. :)))


Wow Barb. You didn't lose any time getting here. If I'm remembering correctly we had blue and purple ones by the garage. Our backyard neighbors also had iris. Their daughter is 3 years younger than I and we have been friends she she was 2 and I was 5. When she sold the house some years ago now, she dug up the iris and has taken them with her on each of her moves. A year ago she thinned the plants and sent me 7 rhizomes which I planted. Two came up. I knew they would not flower this past spring but I should get blossoms this year from flowers I knew as a child. I'm really excited. I'm glad you have enjoyed the iris here. Thanks for your encouragement and great comments. I appreciate them and you. Hugs back ((HUGS))


Fodus, It's on a larger scale than petit point and a slightly different stitch but it give a very similar result. Thanks for stopping by.


I think the first irises I ever saw were the blue ones so I've always thought of them as being blue, and although I've come to appreciate the rich velvety purple and pink ones, and the delicate yellow ones, my favourite will always be blue. :-)
This is really beautiful, Ardy! And here is a thank you hug ((Ardy))!


Petipoint? (spelling)