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Million Bells.

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These were on my deck a couple of years ago. Haven't found any more since then. :(


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Thank you, Graciela!
Kathy, thank you for this info. I will pass it on to a friend of mine. We are on a hunt for these flowers. It's probably a little bit early for our gardening centers to have them. I hope you find some where you live, too!


I saw your photo of these and fell in love with them immediately!!!! Going to have to inquire around here and see if I can locate some for this year. I have never seen or grown any of these beauties before. I Googled them to learn more about them and this is what it said about the seeds..... "Million bells are hybrid plants that are vegetatively propagated, so you must grow these from plants rather than seed. " I feel sure that they would grow from seed, however, since they are hybrids, the seedlings might not quiet match the original plant. But as long as they are nearly as beautiful as yours, I would definitely give it a try!!!! Here is the link that I read up on them at:

Thank you sooooo much for posting these beauties and also jump starting my Spring fever :-))))) Kathy


Very beautiful Nana!


Thank you, Gene! :)


Great pic all that color


Great to know you actually can grow them from seeds. They do great in a semi-shaded place. Mine got filtered light and they flourished! Yes, let me know if you find seeds. I will look for the plants, too. If Linda's (where I bought them) still has the plants, I'll let you know and you can come go with me to get some! :)


Well isn't that a oddity! I'm going to look for some of the plants here. They're so pretty, and if they bloom that prolifically, it'll be great. I wonder how they stand up to the heat. I just found out you can buy the seeds on Amazon, but they're rather pricey. Also, if you get more, they make seeds after the blooms are spent. You just shake them out like Petunias and they'll fall off. Interesting, yes? If I find them locally, I'll save you some seeds.


Sis, the info I read about them says you can't grow them from seeds. ?? Isn't that strange?


I bet you could find seeds easier, Sis!


They do look a little like petunias but they aren't petunias. They are much easier to grow than petunias, for me, anyway.
gemstone, I look for them every year and haven't found any yet. The place I got these is an hours drive from me, so I'm going back there this year.
Thanks everyone for your comments. And you're welcome! :)


The ones I had were smaller than your thumbnail and were used like lobelia. They weren't "sticky" like petunias.


These are very pretty. Is that just a name for a kind of Petunia? I love these. Thanks.


I know...I had them once about 8 years ago and haven't found them since...pretty little things.


This is a gorgeous plant. Looks something like petunia.