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Shapes, textures and colours :)) II

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Thanks Jan, you make my face blush and my mouth smile. :))))). Thanks for the lovely compliment. As I mostly work with many layers I usually leave the background until the very last and then try out many of them before deciding on the final one. Sometimes when making images I come up with pictures that don't serve as a puzzle but make beautiful backgrounds and I try to think of something to paint that will make them look good. Here I first did the shapes and textures and then experimented with the background.
Now you know more again than you wanted to know. :)))
Thanks for making me smile, which is very much appreciated as my busy afternoon will start in a few minutes and I doubt I'll be able to get away before half past ten. :(((


A wonderful interpretation of the picture, much better than any I could have come up with. In fact I was thinking of you this morning while raking my brain for a better title. I'm sure you would have done much better. :)) Thanks for your lovely description and for your early visit. :)))


Hello Hanne, thanks for your visit and it's good to hear that you like the substitute images as well. Enjoy yourself, with so many puzzle pieces all around you you will start dreaming of puzzles, whether in nightmares of pleasant dreams I don't know. :)))


Butterflies, palm fronds, berries, willow trees on lovely colorful shapes. The background is wonderful! I love the diagonal warm colors and then the vertical blues and greens. So many people don't spend as much time on the "background" images. You do - and your puzzles are so much better for it. It's beautiful, Dagmar! Thanks so much and have a great day.
My 10.5 minutes was because I gazed at the beauty while solving!


This is a wonderful image, Dagmar. I see a girl with an orange board about to race down the sand-dunes, avoiding the berries, to the beach... where other people are throwing beach balls around under a beautiful sunshine!


This is marvellous too, Dagmar, thanks so very much - also for the 4 puzzles you gave me links to. They are bookmarked and wonderful. I look forward to doing them.


Thanks, I'm glad that I could provide some fun, Chilisand.


Fun, thanks!