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great sunset!

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Now Robbie does live somewhere special. I always tell him how jealous I am of where he lives. I visited Bermuda on a cruise one time. Beautiful. That is a huge change in weather conditions, Francine! Good luck!!


John, no connection whatsoever anywhere in Europe. The local television stations have been keeping us up to date with your weather. Your rain has been at its worst in a century, if I remember correctly.
~ Have come across images posted by you, Sueswan and Cilycoed that piqued my interest; then I continued with Google Map. Someone once referenced the Argus, which I bookmarked.
~ RobbieL lives in Bermuda and I've also drooled over some of his photos. My mother vacationed there once in the 60s and loved it.

We've had phenomenal weather today: +17C with some sun! A one-day gift. Only a few days ago, we were down to -11C with snow. In fact, my husband had to use his snowblower about ten days ago.

It's been fun chatting with you, John.


you wouldn't "drool" at the moment, francine! the uk has nearly sunk with the rain we've had this year. i'm surprised that you read the argus, do you have welsh connections?


Glad you're fine. Sometimes glance at the South Wales Argus. I've mentally drooled more than once looking at images of Wales (and other areas of the UK).


I'm impressed with your knowledge, Francine! The flooding has been horrendous throughout the UK. I had never seen rain like that which caused the flooding in St. Asaph. I live quite high so, apart from "rivers where roads should be", I've been OK, many thanks. I just feel for all of those people who have been flooded. Months of trauma ahead for them. Lovely to hear from you. I hope that "you and yours" are well.


John, tonight's local news mentioned the flooding in St. Asaph. Hope all is well at your end. [This is a fantastic sunset.]


All good here, Robbie. I dropped a comment to see how you were faring during Sandy, but when I looked later, it wasn't there! Must have forgotten to push "post comment" button. Stupid boy. Take care, Rob.


Hi John what a gorgeous scene this is. I have been doing mosaics and caught up in a couple of stories, so have not been around for a while. Glad I stopped by, this was a lot of fun. Hope all is well, thanks.