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Every month I post a Birthday calendar. So the Jigidi friends will know who has Birthday when. Do you want your name on, Just add your name on one of my puzzles, today, or an other time.

A winter view out of my frontdoor. (older photo)


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Hi friends, I'm glad you like it.
Indeed Star, a lot of stars. Just 40 km, maybe you two have played together. lol.
Jana have a hug too and sleep well. 2dogs, thanks yes I saw your answer, but I was running again. Did you see the comment of Starlord? Do you want to add your date for my calendar? If you do I make you a birthdaypuzzle and mostly other friends do too. So feel welcome to do.
Hanne and Laurs, you are so sweet.


Have a nice evening and sleep well, hugs my friend and kiss for Micky my darling :-)))))


@2dogs.... Aachen? That's just some 40 km from here :-)


A lot of Stars in the top 10 :-)


You commented on one of my puzzles and asked where I lived. Not sure if you saw the answer. I live one hour west of Toronto but was born in Aachen and came to Canada when I was six. We would have been almost neighbours.


Fine picture - do look forward to see the birthday children of the month!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Thank you, Ank, for being so thoughtful about everyone's birthday. You're the best!


Thans Patty, I'm glad it is not now.


Love the picture thanks Sis


Thanks Jan, you are sweet.


For those of you you will be amazed with your birthday puzzle. Mind BD for January was the best.


Hi friends, I'm glad to see you. Treker your name in on, thanks. We don't have snow now. The rest of NL is white but we don't have. Monica today there is no Micky photo but the last days there was. You want to see more of my house and garden. I did post many photos of it, and also my view. Indeed I did not do the last few months and the lot of new friends came to my page. When the weather becomes better and the garden is nice to see again, I will show it. I also did post last summer a lot of photos from my neighbourhood. You can be sure I will do it again. But for the moment I have these other series.


wow that sure looks cold. I think you are marvelous to do everyones birthday. Im sure it takes a lot of your time. Have a good day:-)HUGs


What a beautiful carport you have Ank, all made of red brick so, so very pretty! We see some of your yard, how about showing us the rest of it? Your bushes on the right in the pic are really lovely, is your house quite large, like the one off in the distance in front of your house? Would love to see a front view of your home, and maybe a back yard view too? I sure hope it isn't snowing right now where you live! How is Micky doing, I don't remember seeing any recent pics of her lately?


Good morning Ank, I thought it is a photo from this morning. I hope that you do not have snow, here at night again added 5 cm :-( (((
I wish you a peaceful and beautiful day my friend :-)))))Hugs


It is fairly cold here but your picture makes me feel even colder! You are so thoughtful Ank and your organising of this is much appreciated.


Hi Ank! March 31 is my BD,...Thanks!


That weather looks bitter cold -- hope your winter is more pleasant this year. :-)