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For Snooker. El Gato

12 pieces
176 solves
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Sent from a friend vacationing in Maztln. Mexico.


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What a beauty! Love those amber eyes!


Cute little one...


Thanks, glad you all liked it:)


Nice looking kitty! Thanks, EF!


Pretty kiity!


A beauty, thanks Maria.

Hi Maria. Don't blame you for not going out. You folks have been having really rotten weather, haven't you? Ours has been tropical (?) in comparison. Keep warm, my friend, and take care.


It does have beautiful eyes! The cat and the puppies belong to the mexican family that she is visiting.

We were typing at the same tome, Maria. :) Sorry you missed your hike but maybe next week will have great weather. Hope so. Take care my friend.

What a sweetie. Love the eyes. Was it a feral cat? We found so many feral ones when we were in Mexico and we used to feed them at night.


Hi Snooker,
we didn't hike Thursday, we just didn't want to face the weather! On Wednesday we had +12 C, most beautiful day and Thursday morning was -12C and windy so house cleaning was the thing to do:)
Trust all is well with you. Looking forward to next week hike, see you then. Take care. Ciao!