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A Belated Happy Birthday to Gaillou: Jigidi`s Newest Kaleido Kween!! ~ Medium

144 pieces
185 solves
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The textures are fantastic, aren't they Dagmar?. I was so happy with the way they came out. And nope - not silk, or cotton. Just wool! The kaleido-maker performs alchemy, I think. I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much. It gives me immense pleasure. :))) And as I type, I can hear the waves crashing. Isn't it the best sound?


Here the textures are just wonderful, is this some more of the silk yarn and cotton on the wheel? I love the tiny little threads creating wonderful patterns. Thanks a lot for a lot of enjoyment in my morning your evening. Now I must run and catch up with the work LOL Enjoy what is left or your night at the seaside and have a restful sleep, I love listening to the waves and surf when going to sleep. :))


Hi ya Sandy! Believe it or not, your faves came from the same image!! It was a big pile of yarn, with loads of different colours in it. The image itself was beautiful, even before I started kaleido-ing it. And thanks for telling me your faves. I'll post them as singles dedicated to you in a few weeks.

And I think that's the great thing about Jigidi - there's always something waiting for you, from people all over the world. :)))


beautiful colors in the middle left and right. i don't even try to figure out what time everybody's on - it makes my head feel like a kaleido! i just know these puzzles are waiting for me whenever i'm here.




And you're in my tomorrow. LOL


Ooopsie. I was going to go and check what you wrote, before I mentioned it, and then I thought nah - I'm sure it was today. But of course, it can't be. It's still Sunday there. Silly me. And the time zones are just weird, aren't they? It's hard to wrap my head around that we are chatting away, and you're in my yesterday! LOL


Ah, the books - that's my tomorrow which is still to come! You've had a sleep since I wrote that but I haven't. Figuring out these times is a real and often funny challenge. But I'll have a good time when I get there. I love working with new books.


Good afternoon Ardy! There is absolutely no obligation for you to do any of my puzzles, no matter what the size! So no apologies, or explanations required. I just enjoy you visiting. :)))

I'm not sure whether it's going to rain or not. It's quite overcast, but they don't look like rainclouds to me. And it's very mild. Despite being 7:30 am, I'm sitting here in a t shirt, with the doors and windows open. And I'm really excited that I have Jigidi with me on my holidays. Specially as for most of the time, I'll be here on my own. And making kaleidos is one of the most joyful and rewarding things I've ever done, so it feels like the perfect holiday activity to me! I truly have the best of both worlds. A beautiful environment to explore. And my Jigidi. Sigh. All is right with the world.

How did the cataloguing of the new books go? And I hope you have a great day - what's left of it. :))) ((HUGS))


Good morning, Kirsten. Wasn't quite ready for the biggie today. I'd love to be there with you but unfortunately I've let my passport expire and they wouldn't let me on the plane. Hope this will be a good day for you even if it rains. You've still got Jigidi although that's not why one takes a vacation!!! I am remembering how much fun Cheerie Lou and I had with her laptop on our beach weekend. Here are some have -a-good-day hugs ((HUGS))


I agree, gmak! Yarn is a beautiful thing to kaleido. I love how the texture comes through - you can see every fibre!! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)))

uuummmm. Yummy yarn.