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Coloring Book Kaleidoscopes

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I'm glad you enjoyed this one. You are so very welcome, dear Mimi!


You know, it does have resemblance to folk art! I had not thought of that. I'm so glad you enjoyed it my friend!


Fun puzzle Jill, thanks!


Enjoyed this very much. Had a feeling of folk art. Thanks


Despite its trickiness, I'm so glad it was fun, Gail! You are more than welcome, my friend! ... :-)


Oops, how could I skip over you Kirsten, with all that Royal Blue! I'm so glad you think these are beautiful! I really like the distinct lines within the images that comes from the coloring book pages. I'll probably do more using it. You are very welcome, my dear.


I know what you mean.... the borders made want to make every piece an outside piece!... and the greens through me off too. Board? What board? I'm so far from it that I don't know what it is! You are most welcome, dear one!


I agree, fun but tricky. Thanks, Jill.


Tricky, Ms Jill.... With all those white borders.... Lots of variety and good fun.... Too many kaleido experts to even come close to making the board.... Thanks mucho..... :) :)


This is just beautiful Jill!! I adore it. Thanks so much. :)))


Awwww, they do look like baby seals, Jo! I also see the aliens and snakes, lol! My favorite is the center of the top row ... the pink Grinch faces! I'm glad they were fun; they were fun to make, my friend!


Well, the "eyes" have it!! My favorite is the top right, the circle of seal pups, with their pink collars and "puppy eyes"!! Center has eyes on top of eyes, must be an "alien" !! tee-hee! But the center bottom are cute little green snakes in a circle!! Much fun Jill, thankyou!! :)


Hi Katie! So good of you to stop by. I'm so glad you had fun with this one!


Very fun design! Thanks Jill!