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Which US President used this china?

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I'm glad that you are enjoying these, PD. I have to admit that I have an advantage on history -- I taught US history and one year I had 5 classes of US history!

Most other years I only had 3 classes of history and two of something else, like gov't, or economics, or world affairs. When you have talked about certain points in history many, many times they have a way of becoming a part of you. ; ) I didn't expect students to remember a lot of dates, but there were some I felt that were important to know, so they wouldn't be culturally illiterate. Like November 18, and 10/29/29, December 7, 1941, May 8, 1945 and September 3, 1945.


Yay! LOL! I figured you meant Armistice Day and not Veteran's Day--and I should have guessed Eisenhower for that one, who was president when it changed to that, and not Truman, who was president when WWII ended (mixed up VJ Day and Veteran's Day there...). Don't know much about history... :-(
I really enjoy these--thanks, roseheather!


Yes, PD, it is Wilson. Armistice Day was on his watch: November 11, 1918. : )


Wilson? Truman? I really have no clue--even though you gave us one...! I mean, it's still just a guess. :-)


This is an appropriate set of china considering the date that was observed this week. ; )