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Trondheim, Norway!

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Trading and business have always been the main way of earning a living in Trondheim. Here are some of the old store houses which are now made into very expensive residences.


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I don't think they would do it if not!! I have an idea that some timber has been changed into fresh one, but if you can get lots of money for it in the end, it's worth doing it!! And they can!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


Here, it's called "gentrification." Nice to "recycle" old buildings, especially if they are structurally sound.


I think you are SO right Ank!! As long as people are willing to pay, they make them!! And indeed it's good the same! Old, decayed buildings aren't nice to look at!! Thanks so very much Ank!!

Actually I don't know, PG, but they are very large, so it might be possible!! It's a very lovely scene, I do agree totally, thanks so very much!!


These are all single family houses or are they made for several families? This is a very relaxing view with the water and all the lovely colors. Thank you for posting them Hanne.


I think they are doing that everywhere in the world. Make expensive residences in old store houses. I think it's good possible that the boats are under the houses. I see that there is water under the houses.
Thanks for this nice photo.


Thanks so very much Jan, that's what happens in Copenhagen too, Nyhavn, a former very ill-reputated area has changed in the same way!!


They are such wonderful old buildings and beautifully situated. Of course SOMEONE had to turn them into expensive homes. Such a nice photo! Thanks, Hanne.

p.s. your puzzle is ready!


You are SO welcome kittenlove!! I'm glad that you enjoy it!!

What more could you's right on the water. Looks like a marina far beyond. I could be wrong. Thank you Hanne for posting these photos. I get to see the world through this site.


There are many of them, and they are indeed for rich people. About the cat picture: it's hard to look at it for a longer time, I think!! I'm surprised that so many can stand it!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!

You are SO welcome, Jana, I'm very glad that you like it and enjoy it!! Thanks so very much!!

Thank YOU too, Sandy!!

Indeed they are, Jo. I wonder if they have their eventual boats UNDER the houses, but I don't know. You are so right when we think about Ank's pictures from Friesland: we miss the boats here!! Thanks so very much!!


Very large houses! Pretty scene!! But nobody seems to have boats docked by their homes! Thankyou for showing us!! :) :)


What a pretty photo with all the color. Thanks Hanne.


Hanne Thank you, very nice homes and great view from the bridge :-))


They are lovely, Hanne. Store houses would make nice sturdy dwelling places. At least I think they should!! Thanks, Hanne. BTW I like your cat picture but am not ready to tackle it.