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WEEKLY THEME: Coins and Stamps.... Coin of the Realm ....

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Qantas couldn't accommodate on such short notice....Sorry, mate, gotta miss the ham dinner... It's not totally out of the question at some point... We did make it to Texas... Gotta do Zion, Bryce and Arches .... One of your dinners would be well worth the miles, we reckon.... :) :)

Coin of the Realm? Felt like a bit of a change, to coin a pharse...


SMor come have some ham you are needing a rest. Just relax and let the world pass......Coin of the Realm?


Så morsomt Sally, - det å smile gir oss energi, selv om vi ikke kan se hverandre :-)))


Thank you, PJ.... For the kind comment and agreeing with Judy and me about Jigidi's currency... Puzzles and fun... Jigidi truly is an amazing place.... Et sted å slappe av, møte nye venner og smile mye. Takk, PJ.... :) :)


Sally - you're a wonder. This is a marvelous puzzle and your interpretation of the weekly theme is just great.
Your sentence is so true: "An example of the currency for Jigidi... Post a puzzle, spend a puzzle, solve a puzzle... And have fun with it..."


Thank you, ?nauts.... Sweet of you to say.... I get a kick out of thinking them up.... Gets harder and harder... Too many clever folks on Jigidi..... :) :)


Thanks Shirley, its just an old fashioned way of saying the money of the country you're in... You're just not old enough to know these things.... I have Aussie dollars in my pocket when I'm here and US dollars when in the US... Unfortunately, never enough of either.... Glad you enjoyed this... Three different programs for this one and was almost abandoned.... Finally worked it self into an OK puzzle for theme week.... Thanks again Shirley.... Watching ODI Cricket... Love it, mate.... :) :)


Thank you, riveroad... I just read about the Pink pearls of the Conch and the West Indies being the home of... I didn't know conchs produced pearls... Fascinating read.... Thanks for the FYI.... :) :)


Thank you very much Sally for indulging me. what a privilege!!! Still a great puzz.


Good interpretation QO3D.... I do believe you're right... An example of the currency for Jigidi... Post a puzzle, spend a puzzle, solve a puzzle... And have fun with it... In truth, for the weekly theme, I do try to go off the wall and out of the box, at least once.... You're indulged.... Have a good day, dear friend.... :) :)


I love your unique theme puzzles. Thanks for this one :))))


I do have to admit to not knowing what 'coin of the realm' means, but I do like your cute puzzle and all it has to offer, Thanks Sally. :):)


Coin of the Realm, Charlotte St. Nassau, has the loveliest pink conch pearls. Just FYI :)


Coin of the realm???? That's great. Does the realm mean our exclusive club here, and what does it purchase? Aaaah, I know! The shear pleasure at solving the puzzle of this happy realm. Am I close? If not, indulge me; a great puzzle by any standard.