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Remember when colourful hats were worn everywhere?

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Both my grandmother's had some of the most beautiful hats. My mother like plain felt hats. I only wore them for a few years and was so sad when they became obsolete. I love hats!


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I agree, today's trends are not toward feminine. I loved hats and it is sad ladies today don't have hats as part of their fashion heritage. Thanks for the nice post and have a great weekend.

My grandmother was a milliner (maker of hats) back in England near the end of the 1800s and she had a hat almost like the one in the puzzle. She made hats for the carriage trade back then and always had fashionable hats. My mother also made hats and I wore them for a few years until they became obsolete. I have notice though of late that the younger generation are wearing hats again, but they look very masculine especially on the girls. Not pretty like ours were.


Libby, so proud of you for being who you want to be. My mother always wore a felt hat of some sort til her last days. I usually wear by hair in a big bun in the back, or I might be tempted to wear a hat. Thank you for sharing and so happy chemo worked for you!!!!

Anitas, I remember that very well, also.

Hope you ladies have a wonderful week.


I can remember when women wouldn't step into church without a hat. Very pretty.


They're only obsolete if you let them be! I had some hats I never wore, then lost all my hair during chemo and started wearing my hats (wigs just weren't for me). I wear them all the time now...(have all my hair back) just for me because I love wearing them! Thanks ;-)))