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Paying It Forward!

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My grandson rented a movie at Red Box and this is what he got.
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  1. Brie16480:11
  2. Dilubreuer0:11
  3. KatieZn0:11
  4. Robbos0:12
  5. Graciela0:13
  6. chookies0:13
  7. jens630:13
  8. PLG19580:14
  9. Tidewater0:14


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there are truly good people out there.
I found a £10 note so I put it in the collector's box for Poppy Day - some retired veteran needed it far more than I did.


Interesting! never heard of this, very nice gesture!




Yes, just last Monday, a restaurant worker paid for my meal. Such a great gesture, it brings so much good feelings to the giver and the receiver :) Thank you Lyndee for sharing this :)


How wonderful Lyndee, yes people do "Paying It Forward" here too. I have given a fruit picker the extra money she needed for groceries one time. I have a friend who does it a LOT. It is a wonderful thing. Thanks and hugs.

Lunie read the other comments below and you'll understand.


Awww, so sweet!


Lunie, the last person who rented it, put the money and note in it before returning it so the next person who rented it would get the money. It's called "Paying It Forward".


Promo strategy or what?


Thanks everyone. He was very appreciated of the gift and said he would pass on the paying it forward. We had somebody pay our bill once at a restaurant. Makes you feel good all over to know there are still a lot of kind people out there. :)


Little gestures mean so much. :)

What a nice thing to do!


This is very nice. Sometimes in a drive thru line, I will pay for the order of the person behind us.

Thank you, Lyndee, for your wonderful postings.


When I first saw the $5 I thought Lyndee was buying ice cream on the trail.
Lots of nice people in the world.


I bet he got a shock??

Hope he did the same when he returned it. Another way is to put a few dollars in an envelope and just walk up and give one to someone in a store or where ever.

Fantastic way to share.


What a lovely surprise ❤

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