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Starburst (Smaller)

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Thanks, Mary--I'm glad you didn't think it was just silly sentiment... My children are all different when it comes to mementos from their childhoods, and from what we've surrounded them with that came from our own. My son is the most affected by them, and has gladly accepted so many of his own and our own ornaments (and other holiday decorations, as well as things like serving spoons and mixing bowls and old plates that he remembers being used as he grew up...). One daughter is more of a minimalist, who prefers compiling scrapbooks with photos of things, and little items like a ribbon or a scrap of wrapping paper that can fit into the book, rather than collecting the actual things themselves--she keeps her home and her life very uncluttered, ready to pick up and go when she wants to. My other daughter isn't sentimental at all, as far as I can see--she lives in the present and the future, always creating new memories, not dwelling on the old..... And all their ways are special and right, I think!


It's beautiful! Pat, I don't put up a tree anymore but the last one we put up had the same angel atop it that was always on it when I was a child. If I ever put up a tree again, that angel goes with it, and it will have been over 60 years! Keep the tree topper. Sounds like you've found the perfect solution. I just put lights near the angel since they didn't make light-up ones back then I don't think. Wonderful puzzle, really is a "star in the east" kind of thing. 5:01 Thanks!


Thanks, Ardy and Jan! We had the same tree topper star for 40+ years, and two years ago it stopped lighting. We still haven't replaced it--I just make sure I drape a couple of the lights right at the tip of the branch where the topper would go, so it's bright..... I don't know why we don't replace it...sentiment?...... Anyway,,I'm glad you liked this--maybe if I could have it made into a real star, we'd use it!


Beautiful! This is the top of the tree kind of star! Love it! thanks, Pat.


Forgot to post comment -- Again. I said ditto what Katie said so nothing lost.


Thanks so much, roseheather, Barb, and Katie. When I made this last night, it was all colored in--no black--but it looked uninspired and flat. I used the black to try to highlight the design, and I think it looks better thus way--glad you liked it!


Very bright and fun! You're definitely a star puzzle maker Pat!


Beautiful, Pat, one of your best! I love the way you combined the colours in your design. :-)


Lovely. This shape reminds me of some of the artistic renditions of the Star in the East that signaled the birth of the Christ child. ; )