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I See You!

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They were keeping an eye on us!


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I was on my bike on the biking path this evening and saw deer. Man I wish I had my camera with me. It made me think of your photo.


nice one!

Glad you got out on a hike even if there wasn't much scenery. The deer make up for it though.
Still going to the gym a few times a week. Easier to ride a bike and lift weights than it is to walk. Will start swimming again shortly too.
Finally got some rain last night and may get a little more yet today. Will take all we can get. At least it laid the dirt down for awhile.
Take care, Maria, and enjoy your spring. Happy Mother's Day.


Great shot of the dear and the one in front looks pregnant. Thanks eaglefeather.


I love to see the deer.


I made my comment before I solved the puzzle, Maria, and it looks like they're white-tailed. I grew up in Washington State, and those deer are black-tailed. Since there were darker than here in Wisc., I wondered....


Thank you Suzy. and a little help from my zoom lens:))
Thank you for the info on the Azalea, I have marked the date.

I wonder too Laurajane. thank you for dropping in.


We saw many deer last night, and they seem to turn their heads toward us a just watch -- that is, if they don't run away! This is a beautiful shot (may I call you Maria?)! These seem to be a little darker than ours. Are they white- or black-tailed?


Ooooo...they're beautiful! I wonder how people can shoot them.


They don't seem disturbed by your presence at all, Maria! What a nice woodland find!


Hi Snooker,
You have probably given up waiting for me. The weather has been so nice that if I am not in the yard working, we are hiking someplace and after supper does not take long for me to fall asleep on the couch watching the news. I am not impressed with this growing old!!:)
How are you? Going to the gym? I don't go as often as I do in the winter, I prefer nature's treadmill when the weather is nice.
We did a hike in Bragg Creek, a short drive from Calgary, "Sulphur Spring" an 11 Km. loop
and very undulating, great workout. This is not a trip one does for scenery. Views were limited because of trees. Couple of friends joined in, we had fun and the time went by faster.
Trust all is well. Till next time my friend. Hugs.