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Happy International Moment of Laughter Day!

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to laugh out loud in public? Well, today is a day to laugh loudly and laugh often! Watch a funny movie, read an amusing book, share your favourite jokes or do funny things that cause people to laugh., and indulge in some good old-fashioned silliness to celebrate the occasion. A smile is not a good enough reaction. Successful participation in this day results in whole-hearted laughter.

Whether you giggle, chuckle, chortle, cackle, or guffaw, share a moment of laughter with friends, family, and strangers today.

In addition to spreading joy, laughter has many health benefits. Studies have shown that there is indeed some truth to the old saying, "laughter is the best medicine."

Laughter ...
- can lower blood pressure
- can produce pain relief
- can relax the muscles
- an boost the immune system
- adds oxygen to the body
- increases energy levels
- creates a better disposition
- reduces stress and tension
- builds confidence
- helps to develop proactive attitudes
- enhances effective performance
- creates more efficient communication
- develops the sense of humour
- develops a sense of playfulness
- creates more efficient communication
- develops collaboration in groups
- builds team efforts
- eliminates conflicts in groups
- is a cost effective practice to develop
- is easy to do and open to everyone
- can demonstrate immediate positive results

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I'm so pleased you enjoyed it Hanne, thank you :~))


Thursday evening!! It was awfully funny!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


Thanks Judy - it's good to know you had a good laugh!! We all need them :~))

Morning Wendy, I hope you got your taxes finished... I deliberately witheld the cheque so you won't have to pay any tax... and to give you one less box to complete!! Yes, you should have seen this puzzle earlier... naughty Wendy :~)) - but at least you've seen it now!!

Yes Magda we have... lots of thanks to you :~))


We have a good time, haven't we?


On another note, this is an absolutely ADORABLE puzzle. :-)


Oh, Mandy, I wish I had seen this puzzle earlier. Instead of almost crying, I should have been laughing away while I did the taxes.
Meanwhile, I didn't declare all the money I made from you and your top spots....mainly because you haven't sent me any checks yet. You owe me $705,000 at this very moment.


Mandy, this is priceless. Thanks for a good laugh, and I hope you have a good week, my friend!


No Magda - I missed out on that exchange.... I'll have to have a quiet word with Wendy, she should not be discussing our private financial arrangments in a public forum.


Re: Wendys taxes. Did you not read her comment on the puzzle called Student complex, or Diving helmets?


That does sound fun whatnauts... don't forget today's the day you let it out loud!!! No quiet hole in the corner titters!!!

I'm glad you're enjoying the day Rosie, keep laughing!!

That's good to know PJ - I hoped the images would make people laugh out loud :~))

You're very welcome John!


Thanks for the chuckle jb:-)))))))


Mandy - love the tooooo funny images and fine info. And you gave me some good laughter :-)))


What a wonderful day to celebrate! Thanks again, Mandy, for these great WK days. Each one brings new knowledge and something to think about but this one is really great. Laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. Rosie


Cute pics. I have a couple of stand-up comedy specials to watch later. They should be good for a few giggles.


That's sounds wonderful Magda... I still have no sunshine, although it is not cold today. But I do have laughter - so all is well with the world :~))

You're welcome Barb, I covered all the bases... just in case!!

Thanks Edie, it sounds like you're going to have a wonderful day... grandkids say and do the funniest things!!


I'm sure there'll be lots of that with my grandkids here today. Thanks Mandy. You always seem to find the best images.


Thanks, Mandy ... I could actually read the other 2, just wasn't sure about the one on the left. It's cute if one doesn't think about it too much. :-)


What a lovely day to celebrate! And spring is here also, with lots of sunshine. What more do we want. Thank you so much Mandy, and may you have many, many days with laughter!


Thanks Ardy - and a very Happy Birthday to you!! You're right, it is a wonderful day to share with your birthday and I wish you many moments of laughter throughout today.

Thanks Barb - the triplet on the left says "I was planned", the middle one says "I was not" and the one on the rights says "Me Neither" - I can't fully decide if I approve, because they are all in God's plan, but I like the sense of humour of the person who gave them the T-shirts!! LOL!!


What a fun day to celebrate, Mandy. Love all the cute images, thanks. Can someone tell me what the triplet on the left's shirt says? All I can read is 'I was ...'. :-))


Mandy, What a great way to celebrate a birthday. Thank you for all you do to make each day a special one.