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We had a storm today.

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Well, it's Jameson's for an Irish son of a man named James...


Yes, David, that is how all of my sunset pictures are taken. The sky can change so fast that it's sometimes hard to get a good picture.
Maybe a spot of Drambuie with the tea would help?


Thanks, Plumpy - still curled in bed with hot tea, hoping for a better morning tomorrow.

Was this one of those "I need to run and grab my camera quick" moments for you? That's certainly how it looks. I love this kind of sky, especially the sun appearing below cloud cover as it sets. Thanks for the beautiful photo!


Thanks, David and puzzaddled.
David, I hope you are feeling better.


What a most glorious photo! Thank you for taking it and posting it; it is a sight to uplift ones' soul. David's description adds so much fruit for the imagination too.

Thank you for posting the link in PG's puzzle to David's site, Varda. I would not have known about it otherwise and I appreciated the opportunity to offer my sympathies. Michelle


years of working in Swedish congregations...


David, you always find just the right thing to say; I wish I had that ability. Thank you for your St. Lucy story.


December 13 - Feast of Saint Lucy (Luciadag in Sweden) - long ago, the people of Sweden were having a terrible winter of famine and hard weather and each day they went to the church to pray for relief, asking the saint of the day for intercession. On December 13, they prayed for help from Lucy, and she appeared to them in the sky, with flaming hair (she was martyred by fire), bearing a silver tea service with hot tea and cross-shaped buns. The vision gave them hope to make it through the winter. Now Luciadag is a national holiday and the eldest girl in the household comes down the stairs with a silver tea service and a crown of candles in her hair to serve the family with the Lucia buns and tea.


I'll just repeat: WOW, how gorgeous!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


Yes you did! A storm of spectacular! WOW - so gorgeous! Thanks so much.


Thanks, all - - I appreciate your comments.


Great one PP keep 'em coming.

Magnificent sunset.


Beautiful shot, thanks for the post.