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I want this in Marzapan on my Birthday Cake this spring!!!

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100 solves
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I will have to find the marzipan people......


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I forgot, are you feeling better now? I read on a comment you wrote to my mother that you had been ill . Hope you're all healthy now ..


Phloxie, I love sweets, But marzipan is just too sweet for me, and I don't like the texture, it's not smooth enough in your mouth. Or maybe I'm too demanding, haha.
I'm a winter baby, and my birthday is at the end of the month too, but I don't understand why we have to wait for golden birthdays to turn up (????)


Tiny bubbles indeed, Marmar!!! ...though,.. I tend to choose whiskey over wine.

Thank God for hormones!!! They are such wonderful little motivators... or projection pockets!!! LOL!! A little French-make sports car, huh? I would say that sounds like you were truly in the Zoom Zoom mode.. Maybe once there, one never really steps out. You are a shining example of shining. ... and so the celebration starts with laughter,.,..

I think I saw a purple buffalo down the hall way a few minutes ago... carry a bouquet of early lilacs... they smell so wonderful.... I think he's helping put everyone to sleep through his snoring.

And I do like the taste almond, actually, so maybe that will work.

... and I do like your face artwork. Green and lavender/lilac; such a favorite color combination of mine. And I see it right there, on your face... in your face. You are so colorful!!! :=))


Aah phloxie! The big 60 - time is relentless! I hope you're going to spoil yourself & your loved ones spoil you. I had a hormonal moment & splashed out on a French-make sports car!!! You must do something to celebrate your life! BTW Marzipan is almond flavoured icing (as in on old traditional wedding cakes) so if you don't like the flavour of almonds . . .


Tiny bubbles in the wine.


MagsKZN... Zoom Zoom indeed! I believe we are truly beings of infinity..... and I will dance with purple buffalos and pink bulldogs or warthogs and even fairy princesses beyond the stars, through the gateway at that jumping off point... LOL!!! and untill then, I am so delighted they are finding their way to this side on top of my birthday cake!!!@ :+D)))) AND that you have the ability to see them... I thank you ...

Thank you , Ladywil. I needs that splash of bright orange in the middle to perk it up.

Thank you ,zawn.

So, Maddie. You don't seem to care for marzipan. Don' you like sweets? I've never had marzipan... Love the sound of the word though... it's so... so... so much a doorway to the falling off place MagsKZN brought up...

I like sweets... maybe I will have to check it out though... probably at a fine bakery or confectioners... try a little piece out for starters.

I am a spring baby, Maddie... just barely. LOL!! End of March. On the 30th. It's my big Six O this year... so it's my second golden birthday!!! Those of us with end of the month birthdays have to wait awhile for those 'goldens' to turn up. I'm not going let any of them slide. Had a great time at 30; And plan to for 60, and hope to for 90.

Are you a Spring baby too???


I can't get you marzipan (blèèh), but when is your birthday ????


Beautiful phloxie.


Very nice with the bright orange in the middle

ZOOM . . . to infinity and b e y o n d ................>


YOu are tooooo funny!!!!

I cannot find them... maybe I am not able to zoom in so close as you... I know one can fall over 'an edge' with that zooming in, and come out in a whole 'nother world.... maybe I just am not able to follow because I doh't have those co-ordinates you are using.

LOL!!!! I believe you though 100%!!!

The pink bulldog is above the purple buffalo, although, when you zoom into extreme zoom, the buffalo might be a warthog with curly tusks! The only other thing I've found are some pink & blueish long nosed pliers. Help foxy phloxie!


....purple buffalo works for me........


No! No people - I found a pink bulldog & a purple buffalo tho . . .