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Monday's Flowers

64 pieces
124 solves
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ROTFLMAO! I don't remember anyone telling me that I have a mean streak. However, I have warned others that I do. I love creating the occasional challenging puzzle. :-)


Holy crap on a cracker!!! This was down right brutal. Has anyone ever told you that you have a mean streak. It was fun, but once was enough, thanks Wendy


Mandy, if you keep practicing, one of these fine days you'll get a top spot. LOL


but, Wendy, the practice never hurts :~)


Pat, I LOVE your comment! Thank you, dear. :-)

Mandy, I don't think you need to prove to anyone that you've got excellent powers of observation. :-)

Mariasha, you made it through without needing eye surgery? I'm proud of you, and not only that, you got an excellent time!

woohoo...that was fun...thanks for the flowers and the pinwheels!


A wonderful test for my powers of observation, thanks Wendy, it's wonderful :~)


Oh, my!!! Let me get my eyes back in my head before they pop completely out! LOL! I thought the pinwheel one was wild, but adding flowers on top of it is wicked and inspired! :-)))


Ardy, if I post puzzles tomorrow, I'll try to make up for this one. LOL
But meanwhile, I've noticed that you are getting faster. ;-)


Wendy, I am currently in seventh position on the board at 8:23 A very interesting puzzle but hard to find the flowers in all that busyness. Glad you had fun with it. I did too. Thanks.


Katie, I made four different backgrounds and couldn't decide which one to use. Then I figured I'd use the one that I thought was the trickiest. I'm glad you found it tricky. :-)


Oh, Wendy! Extravegant flowers for a Monday! The background added a tricky, fun element. Thanks!