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Odds & Ends! (small)

49 pieces
70 solves
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Mimi - I always smile when I think that everyone's favorite is the blue snake! LOL


I love them all, but that blue one on the bottom row is just gorgeous!


Hester - It's been awhile since I had so many creatures in a puzzle. It's kind of fun to have them again. Thanks so much!!

Ank - I like the cats, too, now that I see them! Glad you liked it, too!

PJ - Thank you so very much! It's always good to hear that YOU like one of these puzzles.


Jan - wonderful. So delightful, lovely images. And I love the green to the right, the green color was so shiny that I did not pay attention to any cats!


Great, just great. And I agree with Hester. Love that cats.


Jan, these are so much fun! Have you noticed the angry green cats in the middle right, and the red owls and little smiling men in the one above. Just wait till Ardy sees this , she'll have a field day!! :-DD


Pat - they came from such varied sources, so I am glad you enjoyed them in combination! Thank you so much!!

Jan - gosh, it's so cold, I could use one of those afghan throws right now. The crochet ones were the most beautiful. Lucky you!


some of these looks like the afghan crochet throws my Mom made.


It may be small in size, but it's huge in beauty! Such a lovely, eclectic collection, each one a stand-alone winner!