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Theme:Seashore - Gulls on the beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia

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I cannot wait to see the pumping yabbies! I remember now that once you said you'd be away from jigidi for awhile because of a fishing trip. It sounds like you have personal experience with yabbies, lol!


Jill, my dear all will be revealed, about pumping Yabbies, LOL, I'll post a puzzle that will explain it all, I would love to sit and chat face to face, I think youself, Sally, Chrissie, and I would have lots of fun. Language can be very strange between Countries.


Oh, Hanne,,what a wonderful picture you have painted of the beach experience! I do feel those very things as I walk along the beach! It is such a soothing experience. You are so very welcome! Thank you for such a perfect depiction of one of my favorite things to do!


Lovely description, Shirley. The birds seemed to be just standing there, not pecking at something. It looked a little strange... big beach/ small cluster of birds! Bait fish, I know but "pumping yabbies"!!! What on earth is that, lol! "Pumping iron" I've heard of but it involves lifting weights in a gym. I have a strange picture in my head of those birds involved in a workout, lol! My Aussie reference App says a "yabbie"is a "craw"..... around here that's part of a bird or one's throat such as "something stuck in my craw", the latter probably being of Tennessee origin. How I would love to sit and talk face to face......we would need Sally to translate, lol! You are most welcome, my friend for the lovely scene.... thank you for,the pumping yabbies.... love it!!


Peace, air, feeling free - eternity - that's what come to my mind when I look at this photo!! Thanks so very much Jill!!


Love this beach, Jill, with the white sand and the beautiful blue water, the sea gulls may be after bait fish that come in close with the waves. I know they like to follow you when pumping yabbies, Thanks Jill, for this lovely scene.


Beautifully described, dear Ann! How right you are and what a sight to see! Add to that the "laughter" of the Laughing gulls and children alike and you have sound to go with your lovely picture! Thanks so much for sharing your delightful view of fun at the beach! My pleasure, my friend!


Well, they'll soon get a very special tourist, Jo! If you live near the Jersey shore, you probably know this but, in case you don't..... don't toss those birds a crumb! They call their friends and they come out of nowhere by the scores, hoping for a tasty morsel, lol! I'm happy to show you,this; I'm even more happy that you'll soon see it in person!... :-)


Beautiful, raucous seagulls. I think God created them & put them on the beaches specifically for the delight they give to children. They let the kids get ridiculously close, leading them to believe they can catch one, and then lift up and skim the ground, with the kid running madly after them, only to settle back onto the sand 70' or 80' from where they were. There they wait noisily for the next child to come along and try to catch them. I don't know who enjoys this eternal game more---the children or the gulls. Thanks, Jill..................


I think the gulls must be waiting for tourist to come with the picnic baskets!! LOL! Thankyou for showing us !! :)


Thank you, Sue! I'm glad you liked it, my friend. I never did figure out why so many gulls were congregating in that one spot, lol!


Hi Jill. The moment I read Jekyll Island, I knew it was one of yours. Great shot.