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Theme: Wild Horses on Cumberland Island, Georgia

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Maryanderson, I 'm happy that,you liked this picture so much! I have a couple of others posted at my other profile, jill4art.


Sheltieluvr, that is fascinating information. I have wondered if other barrier islands along the eastern coast might have feral horses. The way the ones in North Carolina are cared for, is quite interesting. With Cumberland Island being a National Seashore, I imagine similar provisions are made for its horses. Thanks for commenting.

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We went to Beaufort, North Carolina and saw the wild horses on the Shackleford Banks islands. The state has a veterinarian who checks on them twice a year or as needed if someone observes trouble. Our guide told us they manage the herd numbers to prevent overgrazing. They rounded them up once to keep them safe from a hurricane, but because the horses are used to salty/brackish water and grass, they had to add salt to their feed or they wouldn't eat. Turns out that they weather storms just fine on their own. We were able to get within about 20 feet of them without disturbing them. It was awesome!


They are stately, aren't they, Shirley! I think the next picture will include the ruins of Dungeness.


I love the story, Thanks Jill, They do look as if they were breed from quality stock, a lot better looking then the run of the mill brumby.


Thanks, chickiemama. I'm quite drawn to it as well. They look so peaceful and content!


Jo, as far as I know, this is the only Georgia barrier island that has wild horses. They are the descendants of horses owned by the Carnegie family, who owned the island and used it for their winter homes. The parents built each family a house on the compound. Only the ruins remain of the massive main home, Dungeness. One of the homes housed the wedding party of JFK! Jr (John John) and his bride, Caroline . They were married in a tiny chapel. There was no electricity but they used candles. I was on Jekyll at the time and used binoculars to look over to Cumberland, but, of course, saw nothing, lol!


I love this shot!


Do many of the islands have wild horses on them? And do they do a round up once a year or so, to thin the herds? Thankyou for showing them. Quite wonderful that they can survive there!! :)


Oddio, yes, there are plenty of grassy areas for them, but they wander everywhere on the island. However, they do tend to shy away from people.


Suesmith, they are actually quite warm. It sure looks loke snow but that is the wonderful beach sand on one of the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia!


Anything like pasture land on this island? They seem to be doing fairly well, considering.

Thanks, Art4Sight.

awwww i would be putting winter coats on them, but i'm a real softie when it comes to animals, x