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California Thrasher, Lagoon Trail, Del Mar, California

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S/he is definitely a juvenile and a little cutie. Thrashers are delightful birds. The pair that came to my feeder would let me know with 3 pips as they were approaching and running on the brick wall toward the feeders and once I heard one of them serenading and a lovely sound came out of this bird. I haven’t seen them since late Fall and I do miss them. Thanks Ginni..❤️❤️


I think you're correct, bluebird42. He has that "ruffled head" look.


He looks like a fledgling -- or was there just a lot of wind ruffling his feathers? Nice shot. Thanks.


poor bird can read alright. that's why he on top of the post!


Poor bird can't read!


Interesting juxtaposition, with the sign!