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Virginia! Tulips

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A small bed of mixed tulips by my house.


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Beautiful colours. I remember I planted tulips in a previous house we lived at, but I only planted one at a time 10" apart, so they looked like soldiers standing up straight, instead of in a lovely clump. My American neighbour was over here in the forces, and he popped his head over the fence and said in a great southern accent, "Sure do like your big red poppies!" I'll never forget it! Thanks for posting, and bringing back a lovely memory.


Tulips are one of my favorite flowers so great photo


I never thought of skunks being a problem. I could see it though. Thanks yellowgal.

Sure to bring a smile, how very lovely! This is about the size of tulips bed we used to have, it's about 1/2 that size now . . . . we don't have deer, the culprits here are the skunks......bah humbug!


I can't grow them at my house either Photo, for the same reason. Its pointless. So I really enjoy them around town.

Thanks Laura, Patti, Trudy, Adriana, Li


Oh so pretty, Dave. Thanks so much. I like the way you framed the picture in your eye as you clicked the camera! Those three yellow one sure do brighten it up.


Very nice your tulips


photogent, a spray of deer repellant does keep them from eating all the different flowers -- I use it on tulips, geraniums, roses, and everything else they tend to eat. Smells horrible as you put it on, but that fades quickly. It really does work leaving the flowers for me to enjoy. Dave, your blooms are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Oh, so pretty! I can't wait! Thanks Warbler!


That's a very pretty sight Dave - thanks.


Tulips the nearly perfect food for deer. They would eat them down to the stem bottoms and I would never see a tulip. Not fun after you plant them. Nice bed of them Dave.


Wow, such a brilliant display of spring color!


Thanks aggie, Tex, Sandy!


Very perdy Dave!


Oh, these look wonderful. I just love tulips. Thanks.


Patience is hard sometimes Lyndee. But you'll be giving us color and smiles when were roasting in green only.


Your tulips look just like our tulips when we used to have a spring.