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Boot Maker, Eyeglasses, and Watch Maker shop signs in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen - please see comment

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The stories are so much fun aren't they. Thank Pat. Glad you came by. Hugs.


Beautiful, love the story. Thanks Ardy. Hugs


Dagmar, so glad you are enjoying our collaboration. This has been so much fun for me to learn the stories. I had been told that the phrases were from children's song and such but no one seemed to know what they were until Hanne agreed to take a look and sent me all this wonderful information.


Hanne, it was in the late 1960's that I was there. I had already done the bell pull by then. My friend and I kept looking and looking for the shop signs but it wasn't until our last night there when we were walking out after dark that we discovered them. The camera equipment I had then didn't have flash so even though I tried to photograph them it was too dark.


Thanks again Ardy and Hanne for the work of art and the story that goes with it really is an interesting series. :))


I think that they are to be found in some museum. I can't remember to have seen them in Tivoli, but ok, it's many years ago I was there!!


Barb, I almost missed you. We must have crossed between your comment and my reply to Pat. Glad you came by and enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks.


I wonder if they still have them in Tivoli. Do you know, Hanne?


I'm so sorry to say that there are VERY few signs left in the city now. Perhaps a barber's sign but all the small very specialized shops have closed down and their good are sold in bigger magazines or supermarkets. I heard from a friend that in Paris they still have some very special shops for material, a very big one, one for buttons and another one for ribbons. I think it's interesting!! Thanks so very much Ardy, and please recover soon Pat!!


Pat, I meant to add that the bootmaker was one shop and the eyeglasses and watches was another. I saw some of the signs on shops in the city as well. I remember the barber shop one but it's been so long ago I don;t remember which other ones.


Thanks, Ardy, for another delightful puzzle and story to go with it. :-)
Pat, I hope you feel better soon!


Pat, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I know how annoying the coughing can be and how painful. (I've been reading comments at your place) Love your star right up there with Cheerie Lou and Jan. I do hope you are better soon. I want to say here that I'm loving your puzzles. Thank you. I appreciate you coming by here and commenting. Thank you for that as well.


Thanks, Ank. Don't know how I manage 5 seconds faster than you as I'm usually much slower. I do like your star on the board. I actually stayed at #1 for several minutes until my cousin (cheerio16) and Jan came along. Now Pat has joined them. Love seeing my friends at my place.


I love the combination of skills--boot-maker, watches, and clock-maker!--or were there several people working here? Whatever the case, it's lovely work, Ardy! I've been enjoying your puzzles and the stories very much--thanks! (Sorry I haven't been around much, but I have bronchitis, and I'm not on Jigidi as much as usual...).


Love it Ardy, you made a good time on the board, better as I did.


And I'm at #3. Wow Look how much faster you two were than I was. Wow again. Thanks Jan. So glad you are enjoying these I had fun making the original bell pull and got even more fun when Hanne sent me all her information. I believe these are all "native" to Denmark. It's so nice when we all work together. Have a great day, my friend.


Look, CL and I are the top two!!


I am not familiar with that song, or story! But, it was very fun to find out about!. Another nice one from this most pleasing series. They are simple to solve and educational, too
They were much harder to make originally and I sure do appreciate the effort. Thanks so much, Ardy!


Translation: Why is it that the clock never gets tired ---- it goes both day and night.
Explanation from Hanne9 aka Elfie: It's a children's song from the first part of the 1900's, and I remember it from the children's hour on the radio. The song tells about clocks inside the house, big ones, smaller ones, about the tower clocks and small watches. I especially remember the small hand on small watches, they were so busy, had so very much to do!