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Pastel Pansies

30 pieces
165 solves
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Hi Carol, I'll check out how the pieces look in a very large size a bit later on. If I think that the puzzle will be too hard to solve and that it won't get enough solves, I'd rather post it to you as a semi-private puzzle (in a link). Let me know though, if that's OK with you. :-)

Beautiful colors and designs! :-) But I'm a big puzzle person (250-350). Any chance of making this one bigger? Thanks bunches!


Thank you, Kathy! Well, you offer a grand variety of gorgeous flowers. :-)


Variety is said to be the spice of life LOL and you definitely have the ability to offer wonderful variety Wendy!!!


Oh, Mary, Mary, Mary....these are a strain on MY eyes! What am I going to do with you? But you're right. I think your time on this is the best time (comparatively speaking) of all your times on my puzzles. Sigh, I'll throw in one something like this occasionally. :-)


I need to solve more small ones for my ego's sake. 3:42! LOL


Oh, the nice small easy-on-the-eyes wheels are so nice! Thanks, Wendy!


Oh, geeez, whatnauts, I just realized that I missed your comment. Your sentiments are mine exactly! Way too dainty/girlie for my tastes too.


That's cool, Pat...a 3-way tie...and Ms. monicaarmintrout is a pretty fast puzzle solver so you did yourself proud. :-) Of course, whatnauts time of 1:20 is probably a bit slower than yours. LOL!


Ooooh, cool--a 3-way tie for third (as of 10:10 pm)! Of course it's fun to tie with whatnauts, but also to do so with monicaarmintrout---LOVE that name!--is even funner!


These are a little too dainty and 'girlie' for my tastes, but still enjoyable to put together since I'm a fan of flower-wheel collages.


Katie, OK, I admit that after making a lot of other ones that I didn't use for this, there are a few in here (that I did use) that weren't awful. I think my eyes have to strain more see detail, and that is probably why I don't like to make them so much.

Thank you, Jan. At least you think I put them together nicely. :-)

Ardy, of all the things to say! This is your favorite of the week (of my puzzles)? Well, you know what that means. You'll be getting a private special delivery.

Mandy, what can I say in reply? I love the wording in your comment. I wish I could write things like that. :-)


Wendy, these are excellent, and remind me of victorian paper cards - which had loads of cutout and layers and depth to them - I can almost smell these too - a gently and light floral scent :))


Wendy, I LOVE these. They are so delicate and sweet. What a treasure. Beautiful, delightful and all the things Pat said. Thank you. For me this is the best of the week of your puzzles.


Lovely flowers so nicely put together, altogether adorable


Wendy, this is beautiful! But please don't torture yourself - I don't think "should" has much of a place in jigidiland. I did notice that many bits of bright colors jumped forward on completion that aren't noticeable in the preview.


Correction, Pat! I love my Floating Flowers....and they're considered pastel...I guess.


Oh...Pat. I'm still experimenting with things...and I figured I should try pastel flowers...but it's really not me at all. It's a bit torturous creating them actually. LOL!


Perfectly pretty, precious pastel pansies!