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Dancing :)) I

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Hi PJ, for the last ten years I haven't done very much at all, but before I also loved watercolurs, charcoal drawings, pastels, acrylic ......LOL, I love to try out new things, but what I have done most is watercolours, but I'm not very good at it. :)) Just enough to hang something up in my own house or give away to somebody of the family. :))
The only way to draw in a computer is with a tablet. I got one for my birthday but I haven't had much time yet to try anything out, but I hope at Christmas I'll be able to do something worthwhile with it. :))


Dohun - I've been trying to draw in my Paint program, and it not working very well. So I know enough that you've succeded very well with your attempts. I do water colors (in the summers). What do you do?


Hi Mary I'm glad you liked the background, I tried many before I finally settled on this one and I wasn't sure about it at all, so it is nice to know that you and PJ liked it. :))
Thanks for coming round and it's always a pleasure to see you. :))


Your comments are always delightful PJ, and I'm very happy you liked it, it took me a long time to get it done. Drawing in a computer is very different to doing it by hand and it is taking me a lot of time - that I don't have just now - to learn. :)) So thanks for dropping by and lifting my spirits for the day. :))


So pretty! I, too, like the corkboard effect for the background! 4:39 Thanks, Dagmar!


Goodness. Thank you for creating this puzzle. I'm in awe. You see, I love dancing, design , colors - even the corky background. thank you again.


You might be right with the Spanish style Ardy. :)) Thanks for your visit and finally I'm off to have a look at your embroidery.


Those pretty birds are doing a lovely dance - Dancing With the Stars - Spanish style!!! Thanks, Dagmar.