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Rotated 6 Point Stars (Smaller)

49 pieces
106 solves
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Thanks, Wendy and Jan! When you use a program like Paint that has only a limited supply of shapes to work with, you get to become a specialist in them! :-)))


Wonderful stacks of starry delights. Thanks so much, Pat!!


So....what can I say but you have the franchise on terrific stars. ;-)


Thanks, Katie and Ardy--I'm glad you had fun with it. We'll just keep your technique a secret among ourselves, Ardy--this isn't the daughter who pops in to Jigidi every so often, so she never has to know... :-)))


Your daughter would not have approved of me on this one, Pat. I started hunting for the middle first. A few border pieces got shoved together on the hunt even so. Fun puzzle, Pat. I really enjoyed it. (The border did get finished before the inside.)


These are captivating stars Pat! I agree that it was tricky, but so much bright fun. Thanks!


Thanks so much, Barb and Edie--I thought this was tricky, too, even though it looks so symmetrical and predictable...! :-)))


Just came in from looking after my animals to find that you had posted. What a nice surprise. I really enjoyed this multi layered star. For me it's harder than the swirls because I'm so used to following the direction of the curves. Enjoyed just as much though. Thanks Pat


Love your stars almost as much as your swirls, Pat! Another lovely one, thanks. :-)