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Loony Linoleum

49 pieces
111 solves
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I gave up on it too. I was at 2 and a half hours and only 25%. I may go back and try it here and there but to keep doing it would mean missing out on too many other puzzles I want to do.


No, I haven't checked there lately--wow! I decided that I was doing it just to be able to say that I did it, and not because I was enjoying it at all, so I stopped. Maybe I'm a quitter, but I'm no spring chicken, so I want to spend my Jigidi time doing things I'm having fun with, and not just torturing myself with... :-)))


Thanks, Pat. I do not think "aishahm warhol" will come close to Tugmanville. Did you look at his iggly squiggly lately. It's been 5 days and a 18:28:55 is on the leader board. Yes I typed that right Eighteen plus hours on the leader board. I see Kathy and John finished in the 7 to 7 and a half hour range.


Okay, then, but I think you're leaving goldi-land and heading for tugmanville! :-)))


Ahhhh, I believe we have a difference of opinion for the first time. As cute as 129 was, 132 just topped it out as being my favorite. Then that's only because I know it would be a lot tougher puzzle. Others would probably prefer one of the others. Like I said, I am probably not the one to be asking. If you posted all 4 in larger versions, I would do all 4. That's just me!


(2:16 doesn't make it even more...!)

Thanks, everyone! I had a hard time deciding which of the four versions to pick, although the sort of bleached out one (132) was not a top contender. I used the photo layout effect and the Warhol effects, both 9 and 4, as well as some embossing, and I thought each version had its merits..... I can understand why Jigidi limits us to 8 a day, because I know that there are probably hundreds of creators who think that they've made more than 8 good ones, and we'd never be able to slog through all of the choices, but sometimes I wish I could post just a few more that aren't private, just so more people could see them and decide for themselves, instead of my choosing......


How did I miss this one. Shocking. Now I solved it and thought I was doing famously only to find that 1:59 doesn't even make the board. Loved it just the same. Thanks Pat


Subdued and beautiful colors. What a departure, Pat! I like this one, too. Thanks so much.
Slow 2:08


Well Pat, I love them all. And you know if you post them (public or private), I would do them all. I think
VW1VFQVP (aka Lunapic ending in 129) is the cutest. However the monster lover in me thinks 8AZ7O8Q9 (aka Lunapic ending in 132) would be the most challenging. And well I like VMBEWW1W (aka Lunapic ending in 137) is great too. And so is this one that you posted. You might need to ask someone else. The addict in me wants them all. LOL!


Hmm, if the floor squeaks, perhaps we should turn these colourful squares into ceramic tiles.


And when you walk on it and it squeaks or creaks, is that a joyful noise, too?! LOL! Thanks, Katie and Ardy! :-)))


I like Katie's joyful floor. Fun to do. Thanks, Pat.


Gosh, Pat! You sure know how to make a joyful floor! This was fun!


These are NOT larger ones--they're the 3 other versions of this puzzle that I made! Just want to make sure you don't see one you might like more! :-)))))


I will always take the links. I will never ever get tired of your puzzles. I'm hooked. : )


Thanks, Aishah and roadworn. Well, you can always come back and ask when you run out of bookmarks...! LOL! I'm really afraid that if I give you a link, you'll automatically take it, and pretty soon you'll be so tired of these that you'll never want to even SEE another one of mine again! :-(((


Love the unusual colors in this one. Thanks for sharing.


Love the pattern on the individual little blocks. I'm thinking hard about this one. Work has put an end to my all day fun. So time is limited. : )