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Good Morning Thought

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Morning view from my back deck at 7:10 AM 07/17/2014


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Good morning sis, a lovely view again. We have the same as Lorna, it's warm. We are not used to this hot weather, so we don't have air-con. But I don't complain, this is better as rain and storms☺ Have a great day dear, hugs


Good morning Lorna ... I know just what you are saying ... Hugs

Good morning Beekay ... You never know what you are going to learn on this site .... Hugs...

Good morning Jim ... Thank you .... Have a great day ...


Thanks, Pat! You have such a beautiful yard!


Well, there we first lesson of the day :-)


Good morning Pat. Temperatures are heating up over here - too warm for me unless I am in the car with the air-con on! Thanks for the info - I often wondered what ZIP meant!


Good morning Morris ... I will take the cooler temps anytime ... Have a great day... Don't work to hard ...

Good morning Ardy .. It's going to be a nice one .. My oldest daughter gave me some green tomatoes yesterday ... So I'm going to fry them for the hubby before I leave for work .... Yum


Good morning Pat, have a great day. it will be a super nice day here as well.


Good morning, Pat. Looks like a nice day there. It is here. Bits of information like this win on shows like Jeopardy. ☺ Thanks. Hugs.


Good Morning, Pat!
Am loving the cool weather myself. Have a great day!


Good morning Sandi .... Nice a cool too ... Thanks Hugs


Good Morning, Pat. It looks like the beginning of another beautiful day. Enjoy!