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Road trip - day 2

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While the prices are high the quantities are HUGE and the flavors are well worth it. Don't miss this if you are in central Massachusetts - on Route 12 I think. This was our lunch that day. Don't know the little girl who was waiting in line with her mother.


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Since it's virtual I'll have something chocolate and minty. It's been years since I've been able to have that. Thank you, Dagmar. So glad you can come along.


A cherry vanilla chip for me please and I'll invite you to whatever flavour you fancy. LOL
It's really nice to accompany you on your journey. :))


What little bit of snow we did get seems to be gone this morning. It turned out to be more rain than snow. Plus our ground was warm enough that the snow melted as it fell. Cold and windy though.

Do check out Kimball's. I didn't know they had expanded beyond their home store.


By the way, checked out Kimball Farms ice cream...they have one in Jaffrey, NH.....we go past there a number of times each year. May have to check it out!


Was about to ask about your snowfall, Ardy. Has it missed you, or are you still on a watch for it? We thought we would be in the clear, but may get 6-8 inches where we live. Not a huge deal for us, but could make for some messy roads.


Dagmar, I have almost NO snow. Didn't even need to get the shovel out. Thanks for checking.


I've just come by to see if you are all right. :)) I see that an hour ago you still were on-line, so I suppose things aren't too bad and I hope they will stay calm. :))
Good night and hopefully see you tomorrow. Have an agreeable afternoon and enjoy Jigidi or the Sudokus. :))


I'm sure it's some monstrous ice cream concoction that will need several people to eat. We didn't know the little girl. She was standing in line with her mother and looked cute. Thanks for coming by. Hugs.


I'm so glad we did, Hanne. It was about three months later that I found out I need to severly limit sugar. NO more treats like this. Thanks, Hanne.


Hummm wonder what the Kimball special is .... ice cream sounds delicious ... The little one is she with you... she sure is a cute one... Thanks Ardy ... Hugs


If it's good icecream it's worth it as you write!! And when you are out having fun you MUST do things like this!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


It is well worth it. I had peppermint and Yoyo had Kahlua coffee. You would love it. There are several people taking orders and long lines at each one always. Thanks for coming by.


Oh my, those prices are rather steep, aren't they? Still, if you say they're worth it. And I see they have some of my favourite flavours! Mocha Almond, Maple Walnut, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Yum yum!!! Thanks, Ardy. :-)