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This repeating design is the first of three parts done with thread count embroidery on a tablecloth. Iris are Barb's (Tigress) favorite flowers in her choice of number of pieces. Thanks, Barb, for all your fun and beautiful puzzles.


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Thank Gwen. Barb loves iris. I had mentioned the tablecloth and she wanted to see it. Thanks for following her link and making a comment.


Beautiful work, Ardy! I don't do cross stitch, so I really am impressed with people who do.


I really love this one and am delighted to share it. Thanks for coming by, Pat.


Beautiful ....


Wow, You and Kirsten both changed avatars since I went to bed!! Glad you enjoyed this. I had forgotten how lovely it is. Barb had asked if I didn't have any more embroidery to post which sent me hunting for this. I think it's time I used it. Thanks, Jan. Amazing how important one second can be. Good job.


This is beautiful! The magenta one was particularly outstanding. Thanks so much!
And, look at my time! I actually beat Kirsten by a whole second! LOL

And, Ardy, I once called Hanne, Ank! It just goes that way sometimes!


PJ Don't give it another thought. I think it's funny. I called Barb, Jan, a few days ago. I think it's extra humorous that it wold happen twice in comments on the same puzzle. It's a wonder it doesn't happen more often as we try to remember which "real" name goes with which profile name. Have a good night and sleep well.


Ardy, please do excuse me. I just came from Katies place and wanted to see what you were posting. And I got mixed up... I was so happy to see your embroidered items, most of mine have been given away or sold. All respect for Hanne, who must sew perfectly.


Hi PJ. I'm Ardy. Buckeye425 is Katie. Yesterday Ank called me Hanne. All very nice people. I think it's funny. Regardless of names I'm delighted you came by to enjoy the iris. I appreciate the comments especially from those who have done it and know what's involved. Hanne used to sew for the other designer, Eva Rosenstand, who has absorbed the Clara Weaver items. Thank you.


Katie - so lovely. You've done a beautiful job, I really appreciate how fine it looks. I've done Clara Weaver cross stitch too. So I know about all the time and care you have spent on sewing.


Ank, I think you are getting tired. :-) I did something like this a couple of days ago and called Barb, Jan. I'm Ardy, not Hanne. But that's OK. And you are very welcome. Get some sleep!!!


Very beautiful Hanne, thanks.


You're welcome, Francine. It was relaxing when I could see to do it.


This is beautiful, Ardy. My mother used to embroider also. Thanks. (3:19)


Hanne, glad you enjoyed them. I love iris which is what motivated me to do the tablecloth.


Wish they showed more of their flowers but it is a beautiful location. Thanks, Catherine, for the link


They are VERY lovely indeed!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Ardy... visit they grow only iris flowers....


Catherine, I'm so excited to see you. There will be three more of these to show the whole design. Barb wanted them one a day. I've been over to your place this morning. Nice to have you back. Thanks for visiting. You are very welcome.


Ardy, I'am here too... lovely iris embroidery... well done, iris is one of my favourite flowers as it was also my mothers name! thanks for a lovely puzzle...


Kirsten, you're here too. How delightful and look at you on top of the board. I hope you stay there. I love it. I loved this from the first time I saw it in one of her catalogs. I don't remember how long it took me to work it. There are two more pictures of the pattern and one of enough of the tablecloth to show how the design repeats.

Time for you to settle for the night to help keep headaches away. I'll tuck you in with some extra hugs. ((HUGS)) Sleep well, my friend.


Thanks, Barb. I'm so glad you like it. I do have a clear plastic to put over it. It's got some spots from storage I guess as it has never been used on the table. I've been thinking I should get it out and use it. No danger of wine spills here. LOL


What a beautiful needlepoint Ardy!! The colours and pattern are delightful!! Thanks for making it, and photographing it and posting it. :)))

And it's a beautiful gift to Barb.


Wow, Ardy!!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! I can't thank you enough for posting this and I'm really excited that there are 3 more puzzles to come. This surely must have taken a lot of time and patience to do? If it were mine I would be putting a clear plastic cloth on top so as to protect the tablecloth from spills and whatnot. I have a close friend who has a terrible habit of spilling wine! Yikes! :-))