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Hi there Kathy! What a fun piece of art work! Your son is a wonderful artist! I sure hope it works out for him! No fun to be robbed! Nope, no fun at all! I'll keep your son in my prayers!


Gary, yes, it seems like the 99% are always paying for the 1%; wish there was a way to change that.


Busted knuckle garage! I love it! Sorry to hear your son needed to do this to keep burglars at bay! Such a shame that some people cannot seem to keep their hands away from other peoples belongings! Tsk, Tsk!!!


Thanks for stopping by Kathy, and yes he is very clever and talented and a whole lot more. Do not think he has had any more problems since he and one of his friends "proofed" the shop.


Thank you Kathy for sharing the wise words of Albert Einstein!!!! I had never heard that saying before, but will now try to hold it in my memory.

The Busted Knuckle the door too!!!!! Your son is very very clever and talented!!!! Sorry to hear that he has had problems with burglars :-(


pg, I will pass along your wisdom. The photo was taken when he finished the outside; he has since covered the glass on the inside. I now know what I am going to post for your BD tomorrow. nightynight.


He may want to consider tinting the windows or run some shades over the glass so they cannot see inside and I can send a sticker that says, "protected by Smith and Weston" I have one on my side garage door but I guess what gets the point across when a delivery person comes to the house I answer the door with a Colt 45 in my hand. they never miss it even though I keep it very close to my side and towards the rear of my leg.


lyndee, gnt, laurajane, nellies, and pg, was nice to see you snowmobiling in today, take off your coats and stay a while.

pg, this is the door to my son's machine shop, he designed and fabricated the cover after his shop was broken into again last summer, he has such nice equipment people keep trying to borrow (on the no return basis) from him. This door is only 5 feet from the house and they have 6 dogs but crooks case their place and wait until they are both at work to break in. (I should say the dogs are Shih tzu and not very fierce).


I love that shop door cover. I have all those tools and they do just what the sign says.


Good one! Thanks pilley.


An excellent bit of wisdom. Thank you, pilley.


I agree and thanks pilley


This is so very true. Thanks pilley.