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Tile & Kaleido Quilt #3! (medium)

81 pieces
250 solves
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I am going on vacation and will be gone until April 11. Hubby and I are going to Jamaica, where we honeymooned. We will be celebrating our tenth anniversary.
I'll miss all of you! Tomorrow will be my last post for a while.


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Thanks, Mariasha. I do appreciate the well wishes and that you like the puzzle. The bottom right is very different. I like it, too.

Happy Anniversary..enjoy every minute of your vacation! We'll undoubtedly be here, glad for your return. I have a fave today...the bottom right...thanks for the fun.


Baggins09 - Thank you so much for the nice compliment. Yes, 10 years is a celebration, especially when you meet in your 40s!

Ardy - those wood ducks seem to be popular! The other one was formerly a thistle. You are so welcome. I will try to stay so busy we won't miss you all, but it'll be hard!

Thank you, Hanne! I am glad you enjoyed all of these! :D


What a sumptuous mix!! Wonderful, Jan! Thanks so very much!!


This is a wonderful puzzle. I love the colorful birds' heads and the design next to bottom on the left.
Those two stand out more than the others for me today but I loved them all. Thank you.
Have a great and safe trip. I'll miss you.

I will miss your puzzles. I hope you have a great vacation. Ten years is something to celebrate!!