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My cousin had Chatty Cathy. I asked Santa for and received Chatty Baby the following Christmas, Most people I have asked had or remember Chatty Cathy; not so much Chatty Baby. Thanks for the memories!


Thanks for the great stories, all of you. We had fun in those old days, but do like the modern times better.


I wasn't a doll lover so never got any, always got chemistry sets and things like that. Did stand in line for what seemed like days for a Cabbage Patch doll for my daughter, which she still has, along with the Henry stuffed dog she got the same year for Christmas when she was eight. She's now on the far side of 30, so those gifts have stood the test of time. They both look well loved now and her poodle loves both of them as her pillow.


I did have a Betsy-Wetsy doll and though it was so cool. then, all of a sudden, I had 3 baby brothers and it wasn't so cool anymore! LOL


My 2 favorite little girl dolls (as opposed to Ginny dolls, which were made for dressing up and bigger girl's play--my day's version of Barbie!) were Tiny Tears and Pitiful Pearl. Loved them! :-)))


I remember I didn't get her for Christmas. I got a "generic" doll instead. I did get a Betsey Wetsey though!


Jan, I had forgotten Betsey Wetsey, I never had one, did you?
Doglover & 2 dogs & Pat Wow Cabbage Patch kids. I remember people that could sew would try to copy those Cabbage Patch Kids. I remember the lines to get one for Christmas or birthdays as well as Chatty Cathy.
Melime If you still had your Chatty Cathy doll in good shape, it would be worth a lot of money.


I had just turned into a teenager when she came out, so I didn't have one, but I certainly remember her, and the name became sort of a generic for gabby females, the way Kleenex did for tissues! I waited on long lines for Cabbage Patch dolls as well......! :-)))


Yes! I had a Chatty Cathy doll! Loved her!


I was too old for these but I do remember them. The only thing I remember standing in line for were Cabbage Patch kids.


I think I was a little too old for dolls when she made her debut, but I do remember her. Loved your series.


And, do you remember Betsey-Wetsey? LOL

Funny series today, Jan. thanks!


Memories for both of you, Lucy and Pat... they were very popular once.


I had to stand in line one christmas for one.... thanks Jan


Both my girls got one for christmas when it came out.