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Kaleido Explosion

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This came from the kaleidoscope collage I posted this evening. I created all the images used in this kaleidoscope from photos available for all on line.


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I sit corrected, Gail! Tunisia, it is. (I had Hester's Moroccan visit on the brain...) Puzzaddled2 tried to make a Tunisian mandala...don't think that you saw it yet.


this was such fun, but too short lived....would have loved to have tried a larger size. But thank you, this was wonderful.


I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ardy. Michelle, once in a while the first thing that appears in the kaleidoscope maker is wonderful, but for things like this one, I don't know how many times I put it through the mixer. Plus, each motif was created with a number of steps. Some of the images do look like North African tiles, but I would say it has a Tunisian feel. (That's where my husband is from and we go there every year.)


Wonderful and different. Enjoyed all 5:43 minutes. Thanks, Gail.


Another mad tweaker! (if you can like my refrain!) This is absolutely glorious and has a wonderful, almost Moroccan feel to it. Way to go, Gail!


Wow! I'm extremely flattered, Roerick. I have a few more like this that I will be posting in the next few weeks. It is so much fun creating them, and even better when Jigidi members like them also. It's the kaleidoscope maker that churns these out. I just have to adjust and tweak until it's the way I like them.


This is absolutely stunning. Your composition skills are some of the best on Jigidi. This would make a magnificent wall hanging. Thanks, Gail.


I was really pleased with how this came out. I hope I can remember how I did it! I'm glad you liked it.


Love it, Love it!!! Great colorful magnificant design!! Thanks for the fun!! :)


Thank you, Katie. I'm having way too much fun creating these.


This is just marvelous Gail!