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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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Anne Frank House
It's the house with the dark underside.


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Thanks Cathy and Monica.
Cathy it is.
Monica, no problem, for me it is impossible to solve everything, my list of favorites is too long. I mostly solve just one puzzle of each friend, it's too much to do more. That's pity, but I would need more as ten hours to solve it all.


Oh "sigh" I want to be there right now walking around with all of those very lucky people! Thanks Ank, I'm wondering how I missed this set! I guess I'm falling behind in my puzzleing! L.O.L.


Yes, I also read the book and saw the movie. Very moving! Thank you Ank.


Thanks Katie and Jan. Katie, so true.


Good set today, Ank


It is a sad place. But also shows how strong people can be in very bad circumstances. So there's a glad part too.


Thanks Sandy Star and Susan. This is a sad place, this place is known all over the world. But just like this place there were many unknown sad places. Let's be glad that Anne left her diary so that through her we know what her life was for them. Let's never forget. Let's hope that this never will happen again.
Star I also never have been there.
Thanks Susan that you told this. Greetings from the Netherlands. Ank

i remember Whoppi Goldberg's AWESOME routine as Fontaine, the junkie, telling about her visit to Anne Frank's house. to this day i always think of Anne & Whoopi when i hear the phrase Trivial Pursuit.


Read the book, saw the play, saw the movie.
I would really really like to visit it one day for real.
I bought a cd once and you can visit the place virtually on your computer.
It's not the same as being on the actual place though.


Thanks for sharing Ank.


Thanks girls. A sad part of our history.


Thank you for showing this Ank. Such a sad story; she showed amazing courage.


Beautiful, Ank!! Thanks so very much!!


Hi Pat, only very pity that is is a true story.


Thanks Sis for posting read the book many times .. Hugs :):)


Thanks Trudy Laura and Jana. You are right Trudy, we must never forget. Trudy, sleep tight. Jana have a great day.
Laura I don't know where you are, so good morning/night and have a beautiful .......
Laura I post a Birthday calendar every month, if you want your name on, just add your date on one of my puzzles. I make you a Birthday puzzle and maybe some of the other friends do too. I post the calendar puzzle two days before the new month starts. Ank


Nice photo Ank, thank you


Thank you, Ank, for sharing this photo.


Such a sad place. We must never forget.