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My Dad's toys from early 1900's

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The toy gun has a mfg. date from a company named "Eagle" in 1898, which was also the year of my dad's birth. The spots on the marbles to the left are from heavy use. The big one was his agate, and the two tops on the right were manually spun with a string wrapped around the groove in the top, then thrown like a yoyo! Interesting stuff, I think.


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Thank you, Lorna and Ank. I just love these things and always have. Amazing that most people don't keep such stuff.


How wonderful to have your Dad's toy treasures Tex! Fascinating to see and hear about them. Thank you for sharing!


Very nice Tex, I can remember myself playing with such tops. I liked to do it.


no panic Robbie, I need him for Robbos,
when he's away i can robbery the bank again!!


Thanks so much, Cevas & Celeste. I love sharing these old treasures with Jig friends!


very cool Texas :)


Wonderful old toys! Thanks Texas. And great stories too.


Thank you, RR, Morris and Lyndee. I'm glad to show these things which are a big part of my memories, and glad you enjoyed sharing them with me.


Toy guns were one of my favorite toys while growing up. I remember having a cap gun with a "pearl" handle. Wish I kept it.


Very interesting stuff, tex! Thanks for sharing them with us!!


Fascinating tex!! Imagine the kerfuffle if a kid played in the street today with the gun!!! Thanks for sharing these.


Angelbender, you are correct about the caps for the gun. You can see the burn marks at the top. There is nothing wrong with the trigger, it will still fire, you just can't see it well in the pic. Although someone may have disabled it for a time, because my dad had two sisters that he loved to torment as a child! Some of the marbles are indeed clay, thus the chips. The tops are solid wood, with no cores drilled out.
Thank you, Chosen One, Shirley, Chickie, Linda & Sis, I'm so glad my treasures gave you pleasure! They are very dear to me.


What a treasure! And I love your comments about each one. Thanks, Sis!


Thanks for sharing the back story. Really fun puzzle. Thanks. :)


I love the tops tex.


You do have some wonderful treasures,Texasstar, from toy guns to marbles and certainly spinning top there have been big changes over the years, the new ones will not last as long as your dads, I'm sure. Thanks for this interesting puzzle.

tex, I think some of those marbles are made of clay. I don't know if they are valuable or not, but you might want to do some checking on them. I wonder what happened to the trigger of the pistol. There appears to be a slot inside the finger guard where one would pull it to release the hammer. They may have had single caps to be put where the hammer would hit them and make it "fire".

I remember the tops, but the ones with a twisted rod in the middle that you pushed down over and over until it was going real fast and you could let it go on it
s own came in when I was old enough to work one, so we got the newest innovation, as they say today. :-) If your sibling had a top, he would do the same and try to collide with yours and make it fall over. The one turning the longest won.
Trips down memory lane are fun. Thanks for providing a ticket to ride.


These certainly are treasures (especially of course, to you)........Great heirlooms!


Robbie, what a funny story! Boys will be boys, and I guess every generation has them! I'm so glad you got a kick out of my "heirlooms"! Thanks, Chooks, yes they certainly have. Nothing was even mechanical back then, hardly, much less state of the art electronics!


No trigger so Jacques can't shoot me Tex! These are so interesting to see. Our marbles were mostly clear with designs through them, cat's eyes and bungies were the norm and favoured. These tops are a different design too, ours were slightly longer. We used to install long nails in ours and the object of the game was to throw the top down on top of someone else's and split it wide open!! I was not very good at that one, so I threw knives instead!! Thanks Tex, you have some real tresures and in good shape.


Oh my, how kids toys have changed over the years!!!