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Claustral Canyon, Sydney, NSW

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I was referring to living in Australia as a whole but for all sorts of art, outdoor adventures, music, restaurants and beaches for a few things.

I am not one for social media and avoid it. I ran into Jigidi and loved being able to work the puzzles that I can't do now with a cat and being able to see the world through other people's lenses. I have met and talk to many wonderful people on here and think of them as my friends. To me it definitely is not a waste of time because every day I learn something new I wouldn't have known otherwise.

And now a new conversation begins.......Cyndi


Oh? Why do you consider living in Brisbane lucky?

Re the list of people that you (we all) talk to on here:
It took some weeks to dawn on me that jigidi is actually a form of social media!
Until jigidi, I had abhored and avoided social media. I joined jigidi to do and submit jigsaw puzzles, but gradually became sucked into various conversations and found that I was actually enjoying the company and comments of the other people I was coming into contact with. So now, here I am. Some days I log in, read a few comments, add a few of my own, then log out without even solving a single puzzle!
Is it a waste of time? I DON'T THINK SO! Because I have also learned a lot of interesting things along the way, so jigidi has become a latter-day enrichment of my life.

And now a new conversation begins... :D



Lucky you. I will add where you live to my list of people that I talk to on here.


Brisbane, Australia.


I live in Western North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Where are you?


Cyndi? I've seen you around but didn't know your name. Where are you?

Weekend - tomorrow morning I'm off to clear some branches overlooking a friend's rental house. His tenants left it suddenly a few days ago... with several thousand dollars worth of damage, including a dog-urine soaked carpet. >|<
So I think I'm going to have a better weekend than he is!



I agree with you 100%. Hope you have an amazing weekend....Cyndi


Yes indeed!
Much admiration to Tom Brennan for capturing it!
And much as I enjoy canyoning, it would seem sacriligeous to disturb this beautiful place...

:D Beb.