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Hmm, an interesting sniff. ☺

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And here below, where that tree is, is a mud pool. Luna knows exactly where to find it, so she must always be on the line here. ☺


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Waf woef tante, alle honden die naar dit gebied gaan, komen hier langs, dus hier is veel te ruiken. ☺ Lieve likjes. ♥♥♥


Een lekkere snuffel Bella?


Waf waf woof aunties, yes a lot of dogs pass here. Mum is standing on the bridge, you see a part of the railing , bottom left. From the bridge to the left is the bike path, to the right is the path were we go. All dogs use this path, here we can walk free. Ha, ☺ all dogs except Luna. ☺ But that's because she loves mud baths. ☺ Right now we can't use this path because of all the water. This afternoon the rain stopped and we even got sun. That was nice, only it's a pity that the wind stays very strong. This afternoon the wind was so strong that on the bridges we had to be on a short leash. Our mums didn't want us to be blown into the water.
But that day I was with aunt Ellie and without my dog friends. I had no friends to run with so I did a lot of sniffing. That's really nice to do. Yes indeed, it's like reading the mail. ☺ I don't like to take a mud bath, sometimes I'm very dirty from playing but never from a mud bath. Luna has been in this mud pool and that time I didn't want her close to me, she was almost as black as I am and the smell was terrible. Aunt Petra took her on the leash to the lake and there she pushed her in the water. Then the most was off but at home she had to wash her twice to get her clean. So, if we are close to here, she will be leashed. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


I'm glad you don't like to take mud baths, Bella. Easier on you and on Mum. ☺ Thanks, Ank.


Sniffing keeps a puppy alert and curious! :D


Sniffing is very important work Bella!


I'd bet lots of your friends visit this area. So, actually you're just catching up on your "mail." LOL Cute photo.


If Luna was to get into that mud pool we wouldn't tell you apart, Bella. LOL.


I'm thinking that Luna would get very dirty there Bella. Hugs and wafs.